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Prepared Urine Trapping Lures For Sale

Are you looking for the best prepared fox and coyote urines? If yes, the trapping and lure experts at Murray’s have you covered. We offer all sorts of products that help our customers with their trapping needs, which include everyday trappers to professional Animal Damage Control ones. Among the many selections we offer is Carman’s Urines, one of which features red fox urine and the other coyote urine, as well as Hawbaker’s Urines, which has a secret Reddy Red fox formula that has been helping trappers for years. Click on one of the products for more information or contact us with questions.

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Hawbaker Reddy Red Fox Urine Hawbaker's Reddy Red Fortified Fox Urine

Fortified and condensed by evaporation. A secret method used for years in preparing
fox urine. Reddy Red goes five times as far as ordinary fox urine. A real
suspicion and fear remover. No rain water or ammonia used, only pure condensed

Our Price: $4.75
Carman's Pro-Mix Red Fox Scent 16oz. Carman's Pro-Mix Red Fox Scent 16oz.

Pro-Mix Red Fox Scent from Carman's is made with top quality red fox urine and just the right amount of Russ Carman's gland lure for a spiked red fox urine that is hard to beat. Use by it self on a scent post or dirt hole set. Can be used with bait or lure for an added attraction. 16 ounce bottle.

Our Price: $11.95
Pro-Mix Coyote Scent by Carman's 16 oz. Pro-Mix Coyote Scent by Carman's 16 oz.

Coyote Scent Pro-Mix by Russ Carman is made from the best coyote urine and spiked with Carman's Gland Lure to create a top quality Coyote Scent. Just apply a half ounce in a dirt hole set or scent post set. No other lure needed but can be used with food lure or bait. Order a bottle of Pro-Mix coyote scent today from Murray's Lures & Trapping Supplies. 16 ounce bottle.

Our Price: $11.95