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Cloth Gloves with Gripper Dots Fox Grapple Trappers Flagging
Trappers Flagging
Our Price: $1.95
Can be worn alone, or with rubber gloves for extra protection against the cold. 1 pair This drag is best suited for fox, raccoon and other smaller game. This grapple drag is a great addition to your trap line. Fox drag grapple shown on right. We recommend using 6 to 8 feet of chain or 7x7x1/8" stranded cable to attach this fox drag to your trap.
Perfect for marking trap location. Choose from orange, green, blue and pink
Drowner Cables Trapline Antifreeze Fiberglass Pan Covers
Drowner Cables
Our Price: $2.00
Fiberglass Pan Covers
Our Price: $2.95
All drowner cables come with 1/8-inch cable, adjustable loop ends and a drowner lock with a J-Hook to attach to trap chain. Available in 3 lengths.
A flake-type antifreeze that mixes well with dirt to help prevent freeze-up of sets. 1 pound bag Made especially for the coil spring trap, but fits the long spring very well too. The 1.75 also fits the #2 round jaw trap. These are packaged in a sealed bag, free of offensive odors. Ready to use. Come 25 covers to a package. Select from sizes #1-1/2, #1.75, #2, #3.
Body Trap Holder Waterproof Trapper's Gloves Coyote Grapple
Body Trap Holder
Our Price: $3.00
The perfect addition to your water trapline. Easily slides onto body grip trap and holds it in place. Available in 4 sizes.
These black gloves are waterproof and have a rough palm for better gripping power. Available in 2 lengths. Fits most adults. Best suited for coyote and bobcat. This grapple drag is a great addition to your trap line when staking is not an option. Coyote grapple shown on left. We recommend adding six to ten feet of chain or 1/8" 7x7 stranded cable to this coyote drag.
Berkshire Disposable Stake Ends D-Grip Handle Duke Dog Proof Trap Setter
D-Grip Handle
Our Price: $5.00
Duke DP Trap Setter
Our Price: $5.00
The first truly disposable earth anchor system available. Economical, easy and lightweight. Compare our earth anchor systems to other manufacturers. Easy to use. Drive in earth anchor with a 3/8" pointed stake, then pull on cable to lock into place. Select from 3 styles. Stake ends only, no cable attached. Pictured left to right: standard, heavy duty, soft ground.
Our d-grip handles fit most wood handle trapping trowels. Makes for easier gripping.

Duke Dog Proof Trap Setter

Use the Duke Dog Proof Trap Setter from Murray's Lures & Trapping Supplies as a handle to manually compress the strike bar of a Duke Dog Proof Trap. This trap setter fits Duke, Lil Grizz, Coon Dagger & Z-Trap dog proof traps. This simple setter allows you to easily set the dog proof trap in your hands. Simply position the setter so the two notches are underneath the bar that holds the trigger. Position the dog of the Duke trap between the legs of the setter. The far end of the setting tong rests against the spring-powered strike bar of the trap. You now have a "handle" to compress the strike bar and easily engage the dog in the notch of the trigger.
Sleepy Creek Safety Gripper Mityling Trap Bedder Trapper Cap
Mityling Trap Bedder
Our Price: $6.00
Trapper's Cap
Our Price: $6.95

Body Grip Safety Gripper

A must for every trapper using body grip traps. The Body Grip Safety Gripper works on all sizes of body gripping traps to prevent getting caught by an accidentally fired trap. Place the spring loaded devise on the jaws of a set trap while handling the trap. If the trap is fired the safety is designed to catch the trap before the jaws can close.
Allows you to pack dirt inside the jaws of trap while bedding.  The bedders support the pan, not allowing the trap to fire.
Size 1 fits #1-1/2 & #1-3/4 coilsprings thru #3 longspring; Size 2 fits #2 & #3 coilsprings & #4 longspring; Size #3 fits BMI coilsprings.
Though originally designed as a bedding tool, the Trapper's Cap also eliminates the need for pan covers 90% of the time. Helps you get sets in faster. Model A fits most #1-1/2 coil springs, Model B fits most #1-3/4 and #2 coil springs, Model C fits #3 coil springs and #3 and #4 long springs.
Night Owl Open Season Lure 18-Inch Trapper's Waterproof Gauntlet Wolf Fang Earth Anchors
Open Season by Night Owl Lures is an early to mid season lure that will arouse the curiosity of cats and canines as well as big boar coon. Loaded with beaver castor. Will not spook or overpower canines with harsh smells but is formulated to withstand wet weather conditions. 1 oz bottle.
This black waterproof glove extends further up the arm. Great for water trapping. Sold by the pair. These anchors have a large surface area and were designed by Clint Locklear to be tough enough to be used in all soil conditions, including frozen ground. Once set, this anchor stays put. Anchor ends only. 12 count.
Trapper's Tie Wire Buckwheat Hulls - 5 Pounds MB750 Trap Setter
Trapper's Tie Wire
Our Price: $7.95
MB750 Trap Setter
Our Price: $9.75
Heavy duty wire with hundreds of uses on the trapline. Roll weighs about 3-1/2 pounds. Two gauges available.
Great material for cold weather trapping. The hulls will not absorb water, so no need to worry about traps freezing. May contain small amounts of buckwheat grain pieces or flour. These are mill run hulls. 5 pound bag.

MB750 Trap Setter

This lightweight tool makes setting the MB-750 Beaver and Wolf traps easy.
Wooden Handle Trowel Fox Hollow Super Stakes Driver MB650 Trap Setter
Wooden Handle Trowel
Our Price: $9.95
A staple of the trapline. Sturdy wood handle with steel blade. Available in standard or narrow blade. Quickly and easily drives the bullet point Fox Hollow Super Stakes. 9/16" cold-roll steel driver with turned down end. These drivers will mushroom with use and require grinding to resurface but using any harder steel, without heat treating, you risk chipping or splintering and injury to your eyes or face. This driver works with the Original and Finned Super Stake Ends.

MB650 Trap Setter

Makes setting the MB650 trap quick and easy. For MB 650 coil/spring traps This setter is made for Minnesota Brand traps and does not work on Duke traps.
WCP Diablo Dog Proof Raccoon Trap | Murrays Lures and Trapping Sleepy Creek Model #3 Trap Setter Sterling Mini Trap Long Spring
The Diablo Dog Proof Raccoon Trap from Wolf Creek Products is a great trap to target raccoons and at the same time avoid dogs.Zink coated for durability. The Diablo DP trap comes with a rear clean out bait door and a spear pull trigger. Order by the dozen for the best price from Murrays Lures and Trapping Supplies.

Sleepy Creek Model #3 Trap Setter

The Model 3 can be used to set 110-160 body grippers and #11 and #2 longsprings. Designed for junior trappers and adults with hand problems.

Sterling Mini Trap Long Spring

The Sterling Mini Long Spring trap is a functional miniature version of the #1 and #1 1/2 Long Spring traps. The mini single long spring trap has an outside jaw spread of one inch. The trap has a dogless type pan and comes with 1 1/2 inch chain plus a swivel. Makes a great trappers gift. Ships Free inside the USA.
Smoky Nuggets Premium Baits from Bridger Trap Company Metal Dirt Sifter Heavy Duty Body Grip Setters
Metal Dirt Sifter
Our Price: $11.95

Smoky Nuggets Premium Baits from Bridger Trap Company

Smoky Nuggets Premium Baits from Bridger Trap Company is a highly versatile pellet bait. Made from high protein fish nuggets blended with bacon drippings to produce a smokie fragrance that is especially alluring to raccoon, opossum, skunk and feral cats. A highly recommended bait for use with cage traps and dog proof traps. 16 ounce package.
This metal dirt sifter is very well made. Works exceptionally well for keeping large stones, sticks, etc., from getting over trap. Can be dyed along with your traps. 10" x 8" x 2-1/4" with 1/4" wire screen floor. New galvanized model.

Heavy Duty Body Grip Setters

An economical choice for setting all body grip traps.This will work on Duke 110's and most other brands of 160 to 330 size traps. For 330 size it does require quite a bit of hand strength to hold while putting the safety on the trap. It does not work on Bridger or Oneida Victor 110 size traps.

Trapping Tools, Accessories & Parts

If you’re looking for trapline supplies, parts and accessories, be sure to shop with us at Murray’s Lures & Trapping Supplies. We carry trap accessories you’ll need when setting up that trap to capture a pesky animal or just going on an outdoor excursion. For marking a particular piece of territory or flagging an area that has a trap, use our trapper’s flagging. It makes spotting an area simple and fast. When trying to secure an animal during the cold winter months, it’s not uncommon that your trap or cage may freeze, hindering performance. We carry trapline antifreeze for just that event and gloves for setup purposes.

Murray’s Lures & Trapping Supplies carries many different types of trapping tools, accessories and parts which include:
Trapping Baskets Bedding Equipment Digging Tools Protective Gloves Animal Capture Release Poles Body Trap Stabilizers Staking Equipment Trap Setters Tie Wire

Our online selection of trapping parts and supplies is sure to have what you’re looking for, and if for some reason you can’t find it, reach out to us at 304-275-8727. As lovers of the outdoors and experts in the industry, we make it our duty to meet your needs and exceed expectations. Contact Murray’s today!