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Coilspring Trap Replacement and Repair Parts

Few things are worse than when the coil spring part of your trap goes. Fortunately, the experts at Murray’s Lures & Trapping Supplies has the coil spring parts you need to ensure your trap is working seamlessly again. What’s more, we also have many other trap replacement parts and trap repair parts, including replacement trap pans and jaws. We have helped trappers of all experience levels find the trap products they need to repair or finetune theirs. To learn more about how our products can help your trapping efforts, contact us.

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Replacement Coil Springs Replacement Coil Springs

These coil spring trap replacement springs will fit on Oneida Victor, Blake & Lamb, Duke, Bridger, Northwoods and other brands of traps.Only the Bridger #5 spring has the L shape long side of the spring. Sizes #1 to #3 are straight on the long and short side of the spring. Sold by the pair, available in 6 sizes.

Our Price: $0.90
Bridger Replacement Trap Dog Bridger Replacement Trap Dog

These replacement trap dogs are manufactured by Bridger.

Our Price: $0.95
Music Wire Replacement Springs Music Wire Replacement Springs

These Music Wire Replacement Springs fit most coil spring traps. They are stronger than most manufacturers' springs and keep their strength longer. Sold by the pair, available in 3 sizes.

Our Price: $1.15
Bridger Replacement Trap Pans Bridger Replacement Trap Pans

Our Bridger replacement trap pans are available in 3 different sizes.

Our Price: $1.75
Oneida Victor Replacement Pan Oneida Victor Replacement Pan - #1.75 & #2

Fits Oneida Victor #1.75 and #2 traps, plus Duke #1-3/4 and #2 traps.

Our Price: $1.75
Sleepy Creek Replacement Offset Jaws Sleepy Creek Replacement Offset Jaws

Made by Sleepy Creek Manufacturing, these are designed for offset coil spring traps.

Our Price: $2.50
Victor Soft Catch Replacement Pads Victor Soft Catch Replacement Pads

These Soft Catch Coil Spring Replacement Pads are manufactured by Oneida Victor.  The 4 Pad packs come with 2 screws and will repair 2 traps. The 50 Pad packs come with 25 screws for repairing 25 traps. Available in 2 sizes.

Our Price: $8.50