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Top Dog M44 Lure Houben's Top Dog Bait

Top Dog is a proprietary bait and is unlike other baits on the market in that it is built with a whole animal base.  The base which includes glands, feet, and hide is carefully aged, fixed and combine with an additive formula which is simply unbeatable.  This bait has been Houben's go to fox and coyote attractor for over thirty years.  On the trap line, in test after test, it has been a top producer. You can use this bait year ‘round with confidence.  Houben's Skunk Additive can be added to increase its calling range during cold weather. An excellent bait for use with M-44's.

Our Price: $10.00
Houben's Cat Cream Houben's Cat Cream

If you are a fan of the Nelson Bait Solution over bobcat meat then Cat Cream is the bait for you. This top-notch bait consistently produces fur. It is a favorite of many of our customers and has become our top selling bait. Cat Cream is the stronger smelling of our baits which is an advantage during cold weather. Use with gland lure or urine for a great dirt hole combination. Order some today from Murray's Lures.

Our Price: $10.00
Houben's Red Fox Urine 16 oz Houben's Red Fox Urine 16 oz

This is a Top Shelf premium Red Fox Urine. Only collected during the winter months and from wild caught red fox that are fed a meat based diet. John Houben has some of the best red fox urine on the market. Very limited supply. We will likely run out of the product before season is over. Can be used on the trap line as an attractant for all predators. This urine is top shelf enough to be used as an ingredient in gland lures as well. Packaged in 16 ounce glass bottles to hold in that foxy smell. Get some before it gone.

Our Price: $12.00
Houben's WSB Plus Call Lure Houben's WSB Plus Call Lure

Whole Skunk Base – plus! It takes several years to age this base; but when done, it produces a mildly skunky, greasy, lure base. The whole skunk base works well by itself and the “plus” additives ramp it up into a very effective call lure. Government trappers used this one with great success on M-44’s for coyote control. WSB-plus is a great all round call lure for fox, coyote and bobcat. 2 ounce bottle.

Our Price: $14.00
Houben's Red Vixen Red Fox Gland Lure Houben's Red Vixen Red Fox Gland Lure

Houben uses this lure extensively on his own personal trap lines, both paired with good bait and alone at post sets.  A thick creamy lure that is simply loaded with fox glands.  This lure has a heavy foxy smell with a matrix undertone that really holds the fox’s interest.  It also works great on coyotes.  Red Vixen will convince you of the value of a good red fox gland lure on your trap line. 2 ounce bottle.

Our Price: $14.00
Houben's Natural Dog Coyote Gland Lure Houben's Natural Dog Coyote Gland Lure

A very natural coyote gland lure made of fresh coyote glands, many collected in January and February during the breeding season. Has a light touch of matrix additives which contain the chemicals naturally found in coyote glands and urine during the breeding season.  A quality coyote gland lure you can use year round with confidence. 2 ounce bottle.

Our Price: $14.00
Houben's Alpha Dog Coyote Gland/Call Lure Houben's Alpha Dog Coyote Gland/Call Lure

This a lure with a heavy base of aged coyote glands but is spiked to the hilt with enough additives it could be termed a call lure.  You can use this lure both at dirt-holes with natural baits and at flat sets.  This lure is especially attractive to adult coyotes making it valuable to damage control trappers.  Adjust the amount of Alpha Dog used at the set according to temperatures to prevent rolling.  No more than a small pea size amount of lure should be used at temperatures above thirty degrees. 2 ounce bottle.

Our Price: $14.00
Houben's Adirondack Beaver Call Lure Houben's Adirondack Beaver Call Lure

This is the tried and true formula of a famous New York trapper, enhanced with one additional ingredient, which provides “lift” and increases calling range. A professional beaver trapper friend, with thousands of beaver to his credit, uses Adirondack extensively to help put up huge catches of beaver. This is a real meat and potatoes kind of lure you can depend on. Good fall, winter, and spring. 2 ounce bottle.

Our Price: $14.00
Houben's Poplar Creek Beaver Call Lure Houben's Poplar Creek Beaver Call Lure

Houben developed this lure while working as a government beaver control trapper in Mississippi. The formula is a careful blend of seven ingredients. This lure contains only a small amount of sweet castorium, so it is completely different than typical beaver lures. This is one of the few lures which will actually attract beaver during the heat of summer, making it a great call lure for off season ADC work. Poplar Creek may be used as your primary lure or as an alternative when setting a beaver colony heavy. Good year around. 2 ounce bottle.

Our Price: $14.00
Houben's M'Rat Muskrat Food Lure 2oz Houben's M'Rat Muskrat Food Lure 2oz

Many trappers question the need for a muskrat lure. If you are trapping ponds or marshes with plenty of body trap sites you may not need lure. But, on streams and rivers, a good muskrat lure can really make a difference. A well constructed and lured set will help you catch muskrats where natural runways are few and far between. With over forty years of testing you can be assured Houben's M'Rat with its powerful sweet odor sold by Murray's Lures & Trapping will produce M'rats. 2oz bottle.

Our Price: $14.00
K9 Inteceptor Trapping Lure Houben's K-9 Interceptor

A great lure for both coyotes and fox. With a skunky top note this lure can reach out and call them to the set. Underneath the skunk there are food, territorial, and competitive ingredients which cause the coyote or fox to spend lots of time investigating the odor. This is a new lure in our line but one which will undoubtedly become a best seller. This lure works well at both dirt holes and flat sets.

Our Price: $14.00
Houben's Ondatra Muskrat Lure - 2 ounce Houben's Ondatra Muskrat Lure - 2 ounce

This lure, named after the scientific designation for muskrats, is a muskrat lure built along the lines of classic old-fashioned muskrat lures.  It is loaded with expensive muskrat musk glands which makes it a deadly all-season muskrat lure.  This lure is also very attractive to raccoons and beaver. As such it is important to anchor traps securely. Don’t be afraid to try this lure on early season fox. You might be surprised.

Our Price: $14.00
Houben's Lynx Cat Lure Houben's Lynx Cat Lure - 2 oz

A blend of fresh and aged bobcat glands with a very “catty” odor.  In the background is a hint of castor and musk which sweetens and enhances the cat smell. This lure is especially valuable during breeding season at scratch-up toilet sets. When used at baited sets or paired with our WSB-Plus call lure it gives those finicky bobcats one more reason to work the set until caught. This is a great alternate gland lure for both fox and coyotes all season.

Our Price: $14.00
Houben's Skunk Additive Houben's Skunk Additive

This skunk essence additive is tailored specifically for Top Dog formula, but can also be used successfully in most M-44 formulas for more punch in cold weather.  A one ounce bottle treats one gallon of bait.  It is best to only "spike" a quantity of lure sufficient for one season.  The Skunk Additive itself will keep indefinitely in a tightly sealed bottle. 1 ounce.

Our Price: $15.00
Houben's Beaver Tail Oil Houben's Beaver Tail Oil

Extracted from ground beaver tails by a sun-rendering process, this dark oil has a unique, smooth odor that canines really go for. I make gallons of this product for my own lure formulation. You will find it to be an excellent ingredient as well as a fine food lure when used as is. Coyotes and fox like to lick-bite-eat this oil. Soak a T-bone in it for use at flat sets.

Our Price: $18.00
Houben's Animal Lures Castorium Houben's Castorium

This is a strong tincture of dried beaver castor. A very smooth castor smell.  An excellent ingredient for lure compounding. Also valuable as a lure for bobcat, lynx, beaver, fox, marten, and fisher.

Our Price: $18.00