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Hal Sullivan Baits for Dog-Proof Trapping

Sullivan’s Sugar Berries Bait is a candy-coated coon bait made in pelletized form. It has a strong aroma and is formulated for dog-proof traps. Thanks to its strong smell, you can use this throughout the calendar year, as it will attract raccoons during all four seasons. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about it making a huge mess; it’s not sticky and is easy to apply. And once you apply it, all that’s left is waiting for the racoons to come for you to trap them. These trapping berries will help your efforts tremendously!

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Sullivan's Sugar Berries Bait Sullivan's Sugar Berries Bait

Made specifically for dog-proof traps, Sullivan's Sugar Berries Bait from Murray's Lures & Trapping Supplies is a candy-coated coon bait in pelletized form that has a very powerful odor that will attract coons during all seasons. It's not sticky like other similar baits, and it won't create a big mess when you use it. But it will draw attention from coons and drum up interest in your traps when you apply it properly. All you need to do is pour it and wait patiently for coons to arrive.

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