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Coon & Bear Potions - Racoon Bait for Trapping

Are you the type of person who just can’t pass by a candy dish without taking a piece? Well, that is the idea behind this racoon bait, called Coon Potion. So what makes up the special, magical potion that attracts racoons? Well put simply, it is powder with a strong aroma that is mixed with shelled corn. Advantageously, it makes the shelled corn into a type of “candy corn,’’ and like that candy dish for humans, the potion will draw raccoons in from long distances and will cause them to want to return, thereby improving trapping opportunities. As a rule of thumb, one quart treats 800lbs of shelled corn. Get the pre-bait you need by ordering this 1 quart bucket.

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Coon Potion Coon Potion

Coon Potion is a highly aromatic powder to mix with shelled corn to draw coons in from long distances and keep them coming back. Turns shelled corn into "Candy Corn." One quart treats 800 lbs. corn. Great for pre-baiting your trapline. 1 quart bucket

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