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Lockdown Stealth Entry Light Lockdown Stealth Entry Light

Access your vault quickly
and discretely with the Stealth Entry Light. Illuminating the combination dial
allows vault to be opened in a dark room without turning on the room light,
which could alert intruders to your location. Magnet base sticks to vault door
while flexible head allows user to bend and twist the head to the desired
location.  Rod retains shape and holds the head in place.  It can also
be used inside of the vault to direct light to any location with the flexible
head. Runs on three button cell batteries (included).

Our Price: $18.99
Cordless Automatic Vault Light Cordless Automatic Vault Light

The Automatic Cordless Vault Light
is the perfect way to easily add extra light inside any vault or cabinet. The 5
super bright LED's can be set to automatically turn on as the vault door is
opened and ambient light is detected. A selectable manual on off mode is
incorporated as well. Hook and loop tape or screws are includes for easy
mounting. Light head pivots and swivels to give you light where you need it.
Runs on three AAA batteries (not included). Battery operated, no wires or
installation required Light sensing mode allows light to turn on automatically
when vault door is opened. Five super bright long lasting LED's run on 3 AAA
(not included).

Our Price: $19.99
Dri-Rod Dehumidifier Rod Dri-Rod Dehumidifier Rod

Trapped moisture can damage or destroy your
valued possessions. The Dri-Rod will help eliminate the moisture and protect
your valuable contents from being damaged or ruined.   Made in the
USA. Free shipping!

Our Price: $34.95
Eva-Dry High Capacity Dehumidifier Eva-Dry High Capacity Dehumidifier

This eco-friendly dehumidifier silently and
reliably protects against mold, mildew and moisture in areas larger than the
Eva-Dry E-333, units and lasts 30-60 days before renewing. Special features of
the E-500 includes: the unit works in areas up to 500 cubic feet, requires no
batteries or cords for use, is 100% renewable, works up to ten years, is
compact/silent, always spill and mess free and is non-toxic, child and pet safe!
The unit measures 8" L , 2 ½" W, 5 ½" H.
Prevent rust to
 guns and expensive ammunition and other damage caused by excess

Our Price: $39.95
Lockdown Vault Lighting Kit Lockdown Vault Lighting Kit

The Lockdown Vault Lighting
Kit can be easily installed in any vault and is designed to provide illumination
throughout the entire interior.  The flexible rope design can be routed to
provide superior light coverage regardless of shelf configuration inside the
vault. The kit includes a 12' section of super-bright white LED lights housed in
a durable clear tube along with a 6' power cord with an in-line on/off switch. A
quick install plug allows the power cord to be easily routed through vault wall.
Mounting clips and screws provided. 110 volt

Our Price: $39.99