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Oneida-Victor Trap Pad, Pan and Trigger Replacement Parts

Did you know Oneida-Victor has been manufacturing products since 1852? Yes, it’s been that long! With a company that’s been round for such a long duration, you know their products are ultra reliable. As such, Murray’s Lures & Trapping Supplies is proud to offer products from Oneida-Victor, including trap replacement parts, such as circle trigger for traps, catch replacement traps and beaver resistant traps that are conveniently dog proof. Simply click on one of the products to learn more about individual product, or if you have any questions, contact us at your convenience.

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Coyote & Beaver Resistant Trap Dog Sullivan's Circle Trigger Oneida Victor Replacement Pan
Fits most #2 & #3 coil spring traps. Helps eliminate trap dogs from being bent or torn off. Helps reduce "trigger avoidance" commonly encountered with standard V-wire triggers. The round opening provides an inviting passageway for the target animal. Converts your #110's into real mink taking machines. Reduces hip catches. Works well on muskrats too. The #220 model helps center coons and other large animals in your #220's for a quick dispatch. Made of heavier gauge wire to resist bending. Trigger comes complete with two-piece bracket and bolts for quick and easy installation on your traps. Equip your traps with Sullivan Circle Triggers for better performance. Also makes an ideal replacement trigger. Note: #220 triggers can be cut down to make #160 triggers. Fits Oneida Victor #1.75 and #2 traps, plus Duke #1-3/4 and #2 traps.
Victor Soft Catch Replacement Pads
These Soft Catch Coil Spring Replacement Pads are manufactured by Oneida Victor.  The 4 Pad packs come with 2 screws and will repair 2 traps. The 50 Pad packs come with 25 screws for repairing 25 traps. Available in 2 sizes.