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Murray's fur handling supplies help give you more profit for your fur. Using the correct tools can make a huge difference in the sale-ability of your fur products.
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Unsure about what to get the trapper in your life?  Why not give a gift certificate from Murray's Lures and Trapping Supplies! Our gift certificates can be used for any purchase, both in-store and online. You choose the amount! Our gift certificates can be delivered by regular mail or by e-mail.

Sleepy Creek Metal Tail Puller Sleepy Creek Metal Tail Puller

Lasts for years. Helps separate bone from tail. A economical tool made by Sleepy Creek Manufacturing.

Our Price: $1.50
Tail Splitting Guide Tail Splitting Guide

A tool to help maintain straight cuts down the tail of furbearers.

Our Price: $2.20
Plastic Tail Puller Plastic Tail Puller

Does an easy job of separating bone from tail.

Our Price: $2.25
Basswood Stretcher Wedges Basswood Stretcher Wedges

These wedges are designed to work with our basswood stretchers. Available in 2 sizes.

Our Price: $2.85
Fur Hangers Heavy Duty Fur Hangers

Keeps fur neat and clean. Heavy duty enough to hold plenty of coyotes.

Our Price: $3.25
Murray's E-Z Kut Tool Murray's E-Z Kut Tool

Does an excellent job of opening tails after bone has been removed. Works from mink to coyote. Also proven for field dressing deer. For deer, just make a small hole at the brisket and let the E-Z Kut do the rest. Eliminates danger of cutting intestines. E-Z Kut fits the hand very well. Overall length is six inches.

Our Price: $3.75
Winkler's Tail Zipper Winkler's Tail Zipper

Does an excellent job of opening tails after bone has been removed.

Our Price: $3.95
One-Handed Serrated Pelt Scraper One-Handed Serrated Pelt Scraper

Simple design, good for muskrat, mink, fox.

Our Price: $6.95
Skinning Apron Skinning Apron

Resistant to fat, oil and liquids. Made of heavy vinyl.  Now heavier with double-layer belly design.

Our Price: $7.95
Aluminum Push Pins Aluminum Push Pins

Moore brand push pins are great for fastening Fox, Otter, Coon, etc., pelts to wooden stretchers. Can be used over and over. Box of 100.

Our Price: $7.95
Deer Hunter's & Trapper's Hide Tanning Solution Trapper's Hide Tanning Formula

Deer Hunter's & Trapper's Hide Tanning Formula

Easy home tanning of game hides and fur skins with Deer Hunter's & Trapper's Hide Tanning Formula. This pre-mixed formula is ready to use.

Tans all fur skins (raccoon, fox, coyote, muskrat, mink, otter, squrirel, rabbit, bear, etc.) - Tans deer either hair-on for a rug or mount, or hair-off for buckskin leather. Also tans elk, moose, caribou, cowhide and snakeskin. Very easy to use. Produces a soft, supple Indian-style tan in 5-7 days.

One 8-oz. bottle will tan two medium size fur skins or one deer hide. Elk, moose, caribou and bear require 3 to 6 bottles. Complete instructions are included.

Our Price: $9.00
Heavy Duty Aluminum Tail Puller Heavy Duty Aluminum Tail Puller

Will last for years. Easily separates bone from tail.

Our Price: $9.49
Skinning Gambrel Skinning Gambrel

A chain-type gambrel used by the pros and made by Winkler's Systems. Easy to use.

Our Price: $10.95
Nitrile Skinning Gloves Nitrile Skinning Gloves

Just the thing for protection from diseases. Also waterproof. Each box contains 50.

Our Price: $11.95
Two-Handled Fleshing Tool Two-Handled Fleshing Tool

An economical choice for all types of fur. Available in single sided or double sided. Single side is also available in 2 lengths.

Our Price: $12.95
Otter and Bobcat Basswood Stretchers Otter and Bobcat Basswood Stretchers

Get more money from your fur by using board stretchers instead of wire. These stretchers are 58 inches in length. Available in either 7 or 8 inch width. This item is oversized for shipping, A $18.50 to $35.00 surcharge will be added to your order. If more than one size is ordered only one charge will be collected however there may show more than one on your order. We will deduct any duplicate surcharge when we process your order.

Our Price: $12.95
Dexter Beaver Knife Wiebe Dexter Style Beaver Knife

Does an excellent job on beaver. Also good for coon. Dexter Style beaver knife made by Wiebe.

Our Price: $13.95
Heavy Duty Fur Comb Heavy Duty Fur Comb

Good for removing burrs, blood, etc., from fur. Made in the USA.

Our Price: $14.95
Bench Mount Tail Puller Bench Mount Tail Puller

Mounts to your workbench/skinning table. Place the animal's tail bone in the the notched "V" of the puller, and squeeze the handles. Nearly effortless.

Our Price: $19.95
Sleepy Creek Wire Stretchers Sleepy Creek by Funke Wire Fur Stretchers

Sleepy Creek By Funke wire fur stretchers are of the best quality with the very sharp Hooks. Wire fur stretchers are available in sizes #1 muskrat stretcher, Size 1 1/2 mink stretcher, size 23 for Opossum, Skunk, medium to large raccoon and fox, size #4 Raccoon Stretcher is for XXL and up raccoon, #5 Bobcat stretcher also works for fox and #6 Coyote stretcher. Made in the USA.

Our Price: $20.49
Basswood Raccoon Stretchers Basswood Raccoon Stretchers

Get more money from your fur by using board stretchers instead of wire. These basswood raccoon stretcher boards are available in two widths. Wood coon boards get you a longer finished raccoon pelt and length matters on raccoon hides.

Our Price: $25.95
Basswood Grey Fox Stretchers Basswood Grey Fox Stretchers

Get more money from your fur by using board stretchers instead of wire.

Our Price: $29.50
Basswood Red Fox Stretchers Basswood Red Fox Stretchers

Get more money from your fur by using board stretchers instead of wire.

Our Price: $30.95
Fiberglass Fleshing Beam Fiberglass fleshing beam cover

This beam is made of easy-to-clean fiberglass and can withstand years of use. The one-piece design slides easily into place over a tapered 2x6" board.

Our Price: $34.95
Wood Fleshing Beam Wood Fleshing Beam

Made of top quality hardwood. 60 inches in length. Available in 2 widths. Added shipping charged on this item. Contact us for any shipping questions you may have.

Our Price: $34.95
beaver hoop Beaver Hoops

The easy way to stretch beaver. Pelts will dry faster as air can flow on both sides. Hoops come with hooks for attaching pelt to hoop. Extra shipping is added due to this product being oversize.

Our Price: $47.00
Duke Wire Stretchers Duke Wire Stretchers

Duke brand wire fur stretchers are an economical choice of stretcher. Sold by the dozen. Imported.

Our Price: $53.50
#600 Necker Fleshing Knife #600 Necker Fleshing Knife

The choice of professional fleshers. Makes quick work of any fleshing job.

Our Price: $68.95

Fur Handling Supplies for Proper Care

Proper fur handling starts in the field and without the right set of fur handling tools your pelts could be ruined before you even start working on them. We have all the tools necessary for fur handling like tail pullers, stretcher wedges, hangers, scrapers, and more. Every type of animal fur has its own set of requirements when caring for and transferring from field to shop. When it comes to fur handling equipment for skinning and tanning. We carry skinning gloves, hide tanning formula, and hangers to get the most out of your animal furs. From proper field care to skinning and fleshing and finally stretching, we have all the fur handling supplies you need to properly care for your furs. For any questions regarding the fur handling process and necessary supplies, contact us at 304-275-8727 to talk to an expert.