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Trap Tags and Fasteners For Sale

Get the trap tags and trap tag fasteners you need from Murray’s Lures & Trapping Supplies. We offer a bevy of options, including copper trap tags, tags that are ideal for traps and snares and ones that should be attached before dyeing and waxing. Since 1993, our company has provided trappers with the products they need. They’re products we stand by—we only sell things we use on our traplines!

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Rite-Ur-Own Trap Tags Rite-Ur-Own Trap Tags

Attach these to your traps prior to dying and waxing. Pack of 25 tags with wire. Easy to use. Write Your Own Trap Tags are also good for Trot Line Name Tags, Tree tags or garden plant tags. Place blank tag on a soft surface and write on tag with a pencil or pen to emboss the letters into the soft metal. Lettering gets plainer with age.

Our Price: $2.25
Copper Trap Tag Fasteners Trap Tag Fasteners 100 count

Use these fasteners with our "Copper Printed Trap Tags. 100 fasteners in each pack.

Our Price: $7.00
Oneida Victor 220 Conibear Trap Oneida Victor 220 Conibear Trap

The 220 Conibear trap by Oneida Victor is an excellent body grip trap. The 4 way trigger on the Conibear traps will fire the trap when an animal push against the trigger even from the side. The double spring 220 measures 7" by 7" and is recommended for trapping badger, beaver, fisher, marten, nutria, opossum, otter, raccoon and skunk.

**Trappers Should Check Their Local Wildlife Regulations Before Using Body Grip Traps, Foot Hold Traps and/or Snares.

Our Price: $16.20
Printed Copper Trap Tags Printed Copper Trap Tags

Our printed copper trap tags are high quality tags. Great for use on traps and snares. Three lines are available for printing, with 18 characters per line.

Our Price: $22.00