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Rusty Johnson Baits & Lures For Trapping

Rusty Johnson Trapping Lures have been helping Animal Damage Control and everyday trappers for over 40 years. Their predator lures are made from formulas that they’ve had tremendous success with over the years, and are based on trial and error of which aromas work and which ones don’t. As such, when you purchase products like Rusty Johnson’s Lucky Predator Paste Bait, you’ll be getting a “secret sauce” that is personally formulated and bottled by Rusty himself.

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Rusty Johnson's Country Boy Lure Rusty Johnson's Country Boy Lure

A premium gland lure designed to call in predators with consistency.  Thick and long lasting, this lure is proven to produce in multiple fur zones across America.  Fox, coyotes, marten, fisher, badgers, bobcats, and all major predators are attracted to the ingredients used to build this fine lure.  Bottled in a 1-ounce wide mouth jar.

Our Price: $7.50
Rusty Johnson's Country Boy SK Lure Rusty Johnson's Country Boy SK Lure

The same fine ingredients as Country Boy but with a pinch of pure skunk as a kicker.  Sometimes you need that hint of good quill to pull in predators those last few steps and this lure does just that.  Full time and part time trappers alike will like how this lure attracts predators all season long.  Bottled in a 1-ounce wide mouth jar.

Our Price: $7.50
Rusty Johnson's Lucky Predator Paste Bait Rusty Johnson's Lucky Predator Paste Bait

When using this bait, bobcats and canines are LUCKY to get away after they get a whiff of this fresh-ground beaver meat paste bait. Ingredients are top-shelf producers on the bobcat line, but also makes canines dig. Fresh beaver meat based formula that is super effective all year long on canines and cats.   While tainted baits can cause rolling responses in the coyotes and fox when the weather turns warmer, this bait causes the desired digging response that is just the ticket.   Use a fork full at your set and see for yourself that this bait is a producer all year long.  Especially deadly on all cats! 16 ounce jar.

Our Price: $15.00