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Trapping Lure Ingredients For Sale

Elevate your trapping game with our premium selection of Lure Ingredients at Murrays Lures and Trapping Supplies. Just like a chef relies on quality ingredients for a delectable dish, trappers depend on the finest components to create irresistible lures. Our extensive range includes an array of natural and synthetic elements, expertly chosen to attract your target species effectively. As you explore our Lure Ingredients, you'll find everything you need to craft alluring lures, from gland and food-based baits to curiosity-invoking scents. Whether you're a seasoned trapper or a novice, these ingredients are your key to success in the field. Shop now and experience the difference in your trapping results.

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Sodium Benzoate Sodium Benzoate

Sodium Benzoate also called Bait Makers Compound. Use 2 tablespoons per pint or 1 cup per gallon to retard decomposition and preserve fresh or aged meat or fish based baits.

Our Price: $4.95
Sun Rendered Crawfish Oil Sun Rendered Crawfish Oil

Made from fresh crawfish. Golden oil with strong crawfish odor. Will not wash away. Great attractant for mink, coon and otter. Available in 2 sizes.

Our Price: $5.75