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Sterling Mini Trap Key Chain Sterling Mini Trap Key Chain

The Sterling Mini Double Long Spring trap also comes with a key ring. Keep your key to your trap shed on this easy to identify trappers key ring. The trap is a fully functional double long spring trap with a 1 inch jaw spread.

Our Price: $12.95
Snow & Neally Penobscot Bay Kindling Axe 011S Snow & Neally Penobscot Bay Kindling Axe 011S

The Penobscot Bay Kindling Axe from Snow & Neally has a carbon steel axe like the Hudson Bay Axe but with a compact 17" American Hickory handle that makes it ideal for backpacking, camping or just around the home. Anywhere you need to split some wood for a fire. Comes with the 1 3/4 pound Hudson Bay Axe head and leather sheath. Total weight 2 lb. 9 oz. Built to last. Factory new.

Our Price: $77.95
Woodman's Pal Machete 481 Woodman's Pal Model #481

An American icon since 1941, the Woodman’s Pal is a hand-crafted, multi-purpose, land-clearing tool that performs the tasks of many tools such as machetes, axes, hatchets, and more. It is 17 inches long and weighs 21 ounces. The 7-inch Ash hardwood handle is made to snugly fit your hand and has been improved with a 1 inch increase from the old model of 6 inches. New Finger Grooves Allow for a more Secure and Relaxed Grip that Helps Prevent Repetitive Motion Hand Strain. The .110″ thick x 10.5" length 1074/1075 Spring Steel is Precision Laser Cut and slightly concave for efficient cutting with convex grind for extreme strength. Maintains flexibility in cold weather. Blade cuts branches up to 1 inch in diameter with a single stroke. Unique Sickle Hook is 2.5″ Chisel Sharp, slices through stubborn vines and briars. Nylon wrist strap allows for quick dropping and retrieval when necessary. Comes with a Leather sheath, Authentic Copies of the Original 1941 Owner’s Manuals, Versatile, Full Size, 280 Grit, Lansky Sharpening Stone and a Woodman's Pal Sticker. Buy Now and Chop, Cut, Trim, Prune, Split, Blaze, Brush, Clear and Build with Unique Efficiency with this perfectly balanced, accurate and comfortable swinging motion.


  • Made in the USA
  • Handcrafted to Mil-Spec “LC-14-B” Since World War II
  • Handcrafted in Pennsylvania
  • Lifetime Guarantee


  • Length: 17″ Overall
  • Weight: 21 Oz – Tool only
  • Cutting Area: 10.5″, Slightly Concave for Efficient Cutting. Convex Grind for Extreme Strength
  • Sickle Hook: 2.5″ Chisel Sharp


  • Material: 1074/1075 Spring Steel, .110″ Thickness
  • Precision Laser Cut
  • Forged in Fire – Treated up to 1500 Degrees F
  • Solar Matte Powder Coat Finish for Ultimate Corrosion Protection
  • Individually Hand Sharpened and Assembled by Pennsylvania Craftsman


  • Each Handle has a Unique Wood Grain Handmade by Amish Craftsman
  • Ash Wood Handle is Stained for Appearance, then Urethane Coated for Protection and Finally Hand Rubbed with Beeswax for Extra Grip and Tact
  • New Finger Grooves Allow for a more Secure and Relaxed Grip that Helps Prevent Repetitive Motion Hand Strain
  • The New Handle has been Lengthened Slightly to Provide more Torque when Chopping
  • The Lengthened Grip Provides for Multiple Hand Positions
  • Rectangular Shape with Rounded Edges helps maintain Blade Alignment when Chopping
  • Leather Wrist Strap has a Sliding Adjustment Clip for Secure and Safe Handling
  • Handle is Attached with Threaded Standoffs and Solid Brass Screws


  • Handmade and Hand Stitched by Amish Craftsmen in Lancaster County, PA
  • Made with Bridle Quality Leather Treated with Neatsfoot Oil Preservative
  • Includes Belt Loop for Convenient and Comfortable Carry
  • Top Quality Brass Snaps keep the Pal Securely in Place

Our Price: $175.00
Woodman's Pal Military Premium Model #284 Woodman's Pal Military Premium Model #284

The Woodsman's Pal Model 284 have been American icons since 1941. Hand-crafted, multi-purpose, land-clearing tool performs the tasks of many tools such as machetes, axes, hatchets, and more. Length of the classic model is 16.5" and weighs 23 ounces, while the military model weights 25 ounces. The classic model has a 6-inch Ash hardwood handle made to fit your hand, while the military model has has a 5-inch military-style soft leather grip with steel knuckle guard. The blade on both styles is 1/8-inch thick and 10-1/2 inches in length made of high carbon steel. The blade is hardened to Rockwell C47 giving it strength for cutting and keeping its edge.
As a multi-purpose tool, the blade cuts branches and wood up to 1 inch in diameter with a single stroke. The unique sickle hook slices through vines and briars plus removes sprout growth at ground level. Both models come with a nylon sheath and sharpening stone.

Our Price: $195.95