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Deer Hunter's & Trapper's Hide Tanning Solution Trapper's Hide Tanning Formula

Deer Hunter's & Trapper's Hide Tanning Formula

Easy home tanning of game hides and fur skins with Deer Hunter's & Trapper's Hide Tanning Formula. This pre-mixed formula is ready to use.

Tans all fur skins (raccoon, fox, coyote, muskrat, mink, otter, squrirel, rabbit, bear, etc.) - Tans deer either hair-on for a rug or mount, or hair-off for buckskin leather. Also tans elk, moose, caribou, cowhide and snakeskin. Very easy to use. Produces a soft, supple Indian-style tan in 5-7 days.

One 8-oz. bottle will tan two medium size fur skins or one deer hide. Elk, moose, caribou and bear require 3 to 6 bottles. Complete instructions are included.

Our Price: $9.00
The Tannery Inc | Basic Home Tanning Kit The Tannery Inc | Basic Home Tanning Kit

The Basic Home Tanning Kit by The Tannery Inc Sold at Murray's Lures & Trapping Supplies uses 100% non-toxic and bio-degradable chemicals for home tanning with hair on or leather tanning. Includes Step by step directions, tanning oil, tanning crystals, scraper and special sand paper and support phone number if you have questions. Enough for small deer or several furs. Additional tanning oil and tanning crystals sold separately for larger deer and elk hide tanning.

Our Price: $34.99