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Master Otter Snaring Newt Sterling - Master Otter Snaring

Catching and holding otter effectively on dry land. A complete guide detailing location, holding, lure and more. 19 Pages

Our Price: $7.95
Master Land Snaring Newt Sterling - Master Land Snaring

Canine & Coon Techniques Effective in All Terrains . Straight and to-the-point snaring information. No filler or fluff, just straight forward facts on snaring. 58 Pages

Our Price: $9.95
Snaring For Survival Book | Newt Sterling Snaring For Survival Book | Newt Sterling

Snaring For Survival by Newt Sterling is packed full of information on snaring. Learn from one of the best. Newt has made his living for decades in the woods and on the water hunting, trapping and fishing. This book covers snare types, how to use them and where to set them. Includes track identification for several animals from rats, gray and fox squirrels, all they way up to deer and bear. Learn the recommended snare dimensions by animal species . Also covers leg, foot and muzzle snaring.Orders your copy and learn be a survivor. Snaring for Survival by Newt Sterling as told by Bob Noonan.

Our Price: $29.95