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gift certificate Gift Certificate

Unsure about what to get the trapper in your life?  Why not give a gift certificate from Murray's Lures and Trapping Supplies! Our gift certificates can be used for any purchase, both in-store and online. You choose the amount! Our gift certificates can be delivered by regular mail or by e-mail.

Aluminum Stops Aluminum Stops

Our aluminum stops are available to fit 4 different cable sizes.

Our Price: $0.12
Aluminum Double Ferrules Aluminum Double Ferrules

Our aluminum double ferrules are available in 4 sizes to best fit your snare making needs.

Our Price: $0.12
D-Ring 1 Inch D-Ring

The 1 inch D rings are used to attach chain or swivel to trap baseplate. The one inch D-ring is for coil spring traps size 2,3 and 4.

Our Price: $0.25
D-Ring 3/4 Inch D-Ring

3/4 inch D Rings are most commonly used to attach the trap chain to the base plate in the center of the trap bottom with a universal swivel or crunch proof swivel on 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 size coil spring traps. Sold in dozens or by the each.

Our Price: $0.25
Cam Locks Cam Locks

An aggressive snare lock that won't slip. Available in 3 sizes.

Our Price: $0.40
Twin Loop Chain #2/0 Twin Loop Chain

Unplated chain. The same chain as used on the #2 Victor coilspring trap. Great for using as an extension chain.

Our Price: $0.55
Plastic Flip Top Bottle Plastic Flip Spout Bottle

Our plastic flip spout bottles can be used for urine, trap antifreeze and more. Always a handy item to have on the trapline. Available in 2 sizes.

Our Price: $0.60
Heavy Duty Straight Link Chain #2 Heavy Duty Straight Link Chain

A great straight link chain for attaching to raccoon, fox and bobcat traps.

Our Price: $0.85
Heavy Duty Straight Link Chain #3 Heavy Duty Straight Link Chain

A great straight link chain for attaching to coyote and wolf traps.

Our Price: $0.85
Replacement Coil Springs Replacement Coil Springs

These coil spring trap replacement springs will fit on Oneida Victor, Blake & Lamb, Duke, Bridger, Northwoods and other brands of traps.Only the Bridger #5 spring has the L shape long side of the spring. Sizes #1 to #3 are straight on the long and short side of the spring. Sold by the pair, available in 6 sizes.

Our Price: $0.90
Coyote & Beaver Resistant Trap Dog Heavy Duty Coyote & Beaver Resistant Trap Dog

Fits most #2 & #3 coil spring traps. Helps eliminate trap dogs from being bent or torn off.

Our Price: $0.95
Bridger Replacement Trap Dog Bridger Replacement Trap Dog

These replacement trap dogs are manufactured by Bridger.

Our Price: $0.95
Sullivan's Circle Trigger Sullivan's Circle Trigger

Helps reduce "trigger avoidance" commonly encountered with standard V-wire triggers. The round opening provides an inviting passageway for the target animal. Converts your #110's into real mink taking machines. Reduces hip catches. Works well on muskrats too. The #220 model helps center coons and other large animals in your #220's for a quick dispatch. Made of heavier gauge wire to resist bending. Trigger comes complete with two-piece bracket and bolts for quick and easy installation on your traps. Equip your traps with Sullivan Circle Triggers for better performance. Also makes an ideal replacement trigger. Note: #220 triggers can be cut down to make #160 triggers.

Our Price: $1.10
Music Wire Replacement Springs Music Wire Replacement Springs

These Music Wire Replacement Springs fit most coil spring traps. They are stronger than most manufacturers' springs and keep their strength longer. Sold by the pair, available in 3 sizes.

Our Price: $1.15
Newhouse Crimp-on Trap Pan Newhouse Crimp-on Trap Pan

Fits #1 Longspring traps.

Our Price: $1.40
Sleepy Creek 360 Double Stake Swivels Sleepy Creek 360 Double Stake Swivels

Sleepy Creek 360 Double Stake Swivels are ideal for coyote trapping or where one stake will not hold. Also helps reduce trap theft.

Our Price: $1.50
Cloth Gloves with Gripper Dots Cloth Gloves with Gripper Dots

Can be worn alone, or with rubber gloves for extra protection against the cold. 1 pair

Our Price: $1.50
3/4 Inch Baseplates Trap Baseplates - 3/4 Inch

Strengthen your trap with baseplates. Helps keep trap frame from bending and jaws from popping out. Fits #1-1/2 Victor, #1-1/2 Northwoods, #1-3/4 Northwoods, #1-1/2 Montgomery, #1-1/2 Duke, #1-1/2 Sleepy Creek, #1-3/4 Sleepy Creek, #1-3/4 Victor, #2 Victor, #1-3/4 Duke, #2 Duke and #1.65 Bridger. Baseplates come complete with D-ring.

Our Price: $1.50
Fox Grapple 2 Prong Fox Drag Grapple

This drag is best suited for fox, raccoon and other smaller game. This grapple drag is a great addition to your trap line. Fox drag grapple shown on right. We recommend using 6 to 8 feet of chain or 7x7x1/8" stranded cable to attach this fox drag to your trap.

Our Price: $1.60
Bridger Replacement Trap Pans Bridger Replacement Trap Pans

Our Bridger replacement trap pans are available in 3 different sizes.

Our Price: $1.75
Oneida Victor Replacement Pan Oneida Victor Replacement Pan - #1.75 & #2

Fits Oneida Victor #1.75 and #2 traps, plus Duke #1-3/4 and #2 traps.

Our Price: $1.75
Trappers Flagging Trappers Flagging

Perfect for marking trap location. Choose from orange, green, blue and pink

Our Price: $1.95
Mighty Hooks Mighty Hooks

These hooks are made of 3/16-inch tempered steel. Hundreds of uses on the trapline.

Our Price: $1.95
Drowner Cables Drowner Cables

All drowner cables come with 1/8-inch cable, adjustable loop ends and a drowner lock with a J-Hook to attach to trap chain. Available in 3 lengths.

Our Price: $2.00
Rite-Ur-Own Trap Tags Rite-Ur-Own Trap Tags

Attach these to your traps prior to dying and waxing. Pack of 25 tags with wire. Easy to use. Write Your Own Trap Tags are also good for Trot Line Name Tags, Tree tags or garden plant tags. Place blank tag on a soft surface and write on tag with a pencil or pen to emboss the letters into the soft metal. Lettering gets plainer with age.

Our Price: $2.25
Trapline Antifreeze Murray's Trapline Antifreeze

A flake-type antifreeze that mixes well with dirt to help prevent freeze-up of sets. 1 pound bag

Our Price: $2.50
Sleepy Creek Replacement Offset Jaws Sleepy Creek Replacement Offset Jaws

Made by Sleepy Creek Manufacturing, these are designed for offset coil spring traps.

Our Price: $2.50
Bridger 4-Coil Service Bridger 4-Coil Service

Bridger 4-Coil Service

Let us 4-coil your new traps here at our shop. They will be delivered to you, ready to go, with the 4-coils already in place! Available for all Bridger #1.65, #2 and #3 coil springs.

**Trappers Should Check Their Local Wildlife Regulations Before Using Any Trap or Snare.

Our Price: $2.50
Sleepy Creek Replacement Trap Springs Sleepy Creek Replacement Trap Springs - LS

Made by Sleepy Creek Manufacturing, the replacements for long springs are sold each.

Our Price: $2.60

WV Trapping & Wildlife Control Supplies

Having a productive trap line takes proper planning, trapping equipment and animal trap supplies. Here at Murray's Lures & Trapping Supplies, we have been carrying the finest trapping supplies in WV and online since 1993. As active trappers ourselves, we have the experience to know what works well, and what's a waste of time. You can shop our site with confidence knowing we have you covered in both product quality and customer service. We also strive to sell at the most reasonable prices possible.

Successful trappers are typically organized in their approach to this demanding outdoor activity, and we've taken this same affinity toward organization and have applied it to the setup of our retail website. Whether you're looking for trap replacement parts, wildlife control supplies or trap customization accessories, Murray’s is proud to carry options for everyone.

Browse our online inventory of traps, baits & snares from WV, for more information about our bait and trapping supplies, contact us today at [email protected]!