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PCG Enrager Lure PCG Coyote Gland Booty Call PCG Bobcat Gland Booty Call
PCG Enrager Lure
Our Price: $9.00
Thick castor based lure with a massive kicker odor. Head and shoulders above normal castor lure. Enrager’em on the line. 2 ounce jar. Pure fresh coyote anal gland lure. 2 ounce jar. Pure fresh bobcat anal gland lure. 2 ounces
PCG Otter Call PCG Primal Paste Bait PCG Federales Bait
PCG Otter Call Lure
Our Price: $10.00
PCG Primal Paste Bait
Our Price: $12.00
PCG Federales Bait
Our Price: $12.00
A proven otter call lure. Loaded with otter calling musk and oils. Thick paste can add several otter to your catch. 2 ounces Super Predator Bait that causes plenty of paw movement and interest at your set. A top seller for years. 1 pint Causes high interest coast to coast. Based off of old school Wolfer formula with a kicker. Mouth watering bait. 1 pint
PCG Coon Crack PCG Gator Bait PCG Cat Collector
PCG Coon Crack Bait
Our Price: $14.00
PCG Gator Bait
Our Price: $14.00
PCG Cat Collector
Our Price: $20.00
A liquid Coon Bait with stimulant added. Put on lip of DP traps, in front of cage traps, in a dirt hole or pocket set. Turn the coon into your junky! 1 pint jar This bait has taken the industry by storm because it kicks butt on the trap line. It is a 4 call bait with gator parts to cause interest and digging. 1 pint jar This lure formula is what allowed Clint Locklear to take 84 cats off one ranch. This is the new standard for all cat lures. It also embarrasses most coyote lures on the market. 4 ounces
PCG Yote Dope PCG Unfair Advantage PCG Delta Red Lure
PCG Yote Dope
Our Price: $20.00
PCG Unfair Advantage Lure
Our Price: $20.00
PCG Delta Red Lure
Our Price: $20.00
A True Wolfer Scent. It is a hyper gland coyote calling lure. Works year round. Old and young dogs have to get close to it. 4 ounces A visual glow in the dark lure ( not an odor ) . Lure cats, fox, coon and beaver with their eyes. It is a true unfair advantage. 4 ounces The best castor lure that you can get your hands on. Added kickers that lay waste to basic castor based lures. A deadly beaver call lure. 4 ounces