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Duke Dog Proof Trap Setter Duke DP Trap Setter

Duke Dog Proof Trap Setter

Use the Duke Dog Proof Trap Setter from Murray's Lures & Trapping Supplies as a handle to manually compress the strike bar of a Duke Dog Proof Trap. This trap setter fits Duke, Lil Grizz, Coon Dagger & Z-Trap dog proof traps.

This simple setter allows you to easily set the dog proof trap in your hands. Simply position the setter so the two notches are underneath the bar that holds the trigger. Position the dog of the Duke trap between the legs of the setter. The far end of the setting tong rests against the spring-powered strike bar of the trap. You now have a "handle" to compress the strike bar and easily engage the dog in the notch of the trigger.

Our Price: $5.00
Sleepy Creek Safety Gripper Sleepy Creek Safety Gripper

A must for every trapper using body grip traps. The Sleepy Creek Safety Gripper works on all sizes of body gripping traps.

Our Price: $5.95
Heavy Duty Body Grip Setters Heavy Duty Body Grip Setters

An economical choice for setting all body grip traps.

Our Price: $9.49
MB750 Trap Setter MB750 Trap Setter

This lightweight tool makes setting the MB-750 Beaver and Wolf traps easy.

Our Price: $9.75
MB650 Trap Setter MB650 Trap Setter (MB 650)

Makes setting the MB650 trap quick and easy. For MB 650 coil/spring traps

Our Price: $9.95
Sleepy Creek Model #3 Trap Setter Sleepy Creek Model #3 Trap Setter

The Model 3 can be used to set 110-160 body grippers and #11 and #2 longsprings. Designed for junior trappers and adults with hand problems.

Our Price: $10.95
Sleepy Creek Coil Spring Setters Sleepy Creek Model #2 Coil Spring Setters

Made by Sleepy Creek for setting all sizes of coil spring traps.

Our Price: $11.99
Trap Tweezers Trap Tweezers

Use for setting the Trapmaster Coon Trap & Little Griz traps.  Very useful when setting large numbers of traps or for the young trapper with limited hand strength.

Our Price: $19.95
Model 4 Sleepy Creek Trap Setter Model 4 Sleepy Creek Trap Setter

Works great for #330 conni traps plus good for #4-1/2 & #5 longsprings. Lightweight aluminum.

Our Price: $20.95
Body Grip Safety Setter Body Grip Safety Setter

This tool will save time, space, weight and many pairs of gauntlets or gloves. Most
importantly it was designed for the trapper & ADC worker that finds themself
trapping alone in remote areas. This tool could someday save your life. Available
in 220 and 330 sizes.

Our Price: $27.00
Coon Creek Locking Trap Setting Tongs Coon Creek Locking Trap Setting Tongs

Coon Creek Setting Tongs have taken locking coni-tongs to a new level. They laser cut a different notch to make the gripping much better and easier on/off capabilities, removed all the outside clutter on the tool and added an internal spring to assure positive lock-up everytime. There won't be any jumping past this lock groove. The spring is under the trigger mechanism so it's totally out of the way and hidden so it's not catching on everything and ripping holes in your gauntlets. All locking nuts and bolts, this allows you to set the working tension the way you like it, and it will stay there. Rubber grips, the trigger system is zinc plated and the entire tool is powder coated. Ready for years of trap line use and made in USA.

Our Price: $33.95