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Renno's Predator Man I Renno's Magic Touch Lure Renno's Whisperfoot
Built on a three part base which includes coyote gland, spiked with several musk and food odors and tipped off with a light lace of skunk, it has proved to be a deadly all around predator lure. Works well for fall and winter trapping by adjusting the quantites. 1 ounce bottle. A heavy paste based call lure. Mild enough for early season, powerful enough for late season. The perfect change-up lure for fox, bobcat and coyote. Limited quantities available. 1 ounce bottle. A heavy and oily food based lure that holds up very well during wet, rainy spells. A good, solid all-season fox lure. 1 ounce bottle.
Renno's Autumn Wind Renno's Red Fox Gland Renno's Coyote Gland
A heavy bodied, sweet food lure with curiosity ingredients added that draw predators in. Good for early fall trapping. This lure is made in limited quantities, so order early. 1 ounce bottle. The glands in this lure are aged over a year before it is bottled and it mellows and improve with age. Old timers recognize the value of this great lure with one sniff. A very deadly all season lure for either red or gray fox. 1 ounce bottle. Based with just the right amount of high quality urine to give it that unique doggy coyote odor. Good for all seasons. 1 ounce bottle.
Renno's Bobcat Gland Renno's Sweet Treat Renno's Moonlight Bandit
Packed full of high dollar glands and put up in a heavy syrup form to produce terrific gland lure odor. A fabulous all around lure for fox, coyote, bobcat and dry land coon trapping. 1 ounce bottle. A loud, ultra sweet, extremely intense lure especially for raccoon and muskrat. Proven very effective for coon in DP traps. 1 ounce bottle. A sweet, rich, heavy bodied coon lure that will cut through the cold night air. Grabs the attention of every passing coon. 1 ounce bottle.
Renno's Black Raider DP Bait Renno's Veri Beri DP Bait Renno's Roundup DP Bait
Renno's Roundup DP Bait
Our Price: $6.00
Tailor made for the new generation of DP traps. A blend of five food ingredients put up in a heavy, super sweet tasting sticky syrup base. Easy application squeeze bottle. 8 ounces. An early season bait designed to take advantage of a coon's natural craving for berries, grapes, etc. Heavy syrup in squeeze bottle for easy application. 8 ounce bottle. Designed as a late season cleanup bait. Has a heavy dose of smoke oil in a fish base ground to a syrupy pulp. Comes in handy squeeze bottle. 8 ounce bottle.