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Murray's Brand Baits & Lures For Trapping

In addition to selling other brands prominent in the industry, we also have our own Murray’s Brand Baits & Lures for sale, including fox lures, fox baits and baits made of ground mice. Whether you need a bobcat lure, or need to attract and trap a coyote, mink or muskrat, we have products for you that we have perfected and used ourselves for years. These urines and other mixes are used by all sorts of customers, including professional Animal Damage Control trappers who need reliable ones for their trapping needs. Contact us if you have questions.

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Murray's Pred-A-Getter #1 Lure Murray's Pred-A-Getter #1 Lure

The Murray's Pred-A-Getter #1 Lure from Murray's Lures & Trapping Supplies is one of our top sellers because of all of the superior ingredients that go into it. It's loaded with a precise combination of glands that put it over the top. It will attract canines and bobcats to your traps and have them going wild over it. As long as you apply it properly and follow instructions, you shouldn't have any trouble luring animals to your set. You can pick up either a 1 or 4 ounce bottle.

Our Price: $7.50
Murray's Pred-A-Getter #2 Murray's Pred-A-Getter #2 Lure

Several ingredients go into this lure that fox cannot resist. A food paste lure that stays where you put it. Long lasting. Does not wash away like some lures. Has taken its share of coyote & coon too. Available in one and four ounce sizes. Very Limited Supply

Our Price: $7.50
Murray's Fox Call #200 Murray's Fox Call #200 Lure

A good long-distance call lure. Can be used at the set or away from the set. Proven for fox, coyote and bobcat. Available in one and four ounce sizes.

Our Price: $7.50
Murray's Red Fox Gland #400 Murray's Red Fox Gland #400 Lure

A red fox gland lure. Loaded with glands that make this lure top of the line. Good for reds and greys, and also makes a good bobcat lure. Available in one and four ounce sizes. Limited Supply!

Our Price: $7.50
Murray's Coyote #1 Murray's Coyote #1 Lure

A unique blend of glands and natural ingredients that will make the coyote stop and work the set. Lots of pure coyote glands in this lure. Available in one and four ounce sizes.

Our Price: $7.50
Murray's SFE Lure Murray's SFE Lure

Murray's SFE Lure
Our newest recipe -- A predator bait with a powerful odor, our synthetic fermented egg lure packs a strong punch and drives predators wild. The rotten egg scent is great for canines and drives predators like raccoon and coyote wild. Our one-ounce bottle will last through much of the trapping season, as you only need a little of this potent odor to make a big impact. Specially formulated to bait the toughest predators, once you start using it, you'll always want to have our recipe on hand.

Our Price: $7.50
Murray's Creek Walker Murray's Creek Walker Lure

A thick, sweet lure that 'ol coon can't resist. Has proven itself on the trapline as well as live trapping for nuisance control. Available in one and four ounce sizes.

Our Price: $7.50
Murray's Coon Pone Murray's Coon Pone Lure

Murray's Coon Pone Lure
Our special raccoon trapping lure recipe is one that no coon anywhere can resist. The sweet aroma will call them loudly, bringing coons near and far to your trap, and hold them at your set with a taste just as delectable. It won't take much to turn a raccoon into an addict and load them into your victory pile. Murray's Coon Pone lure is available in one-ounce or four-ounce sizes and typically ships within 24 hours once ordered.

Our Price: $7.50
Murray's Quill Beaver Murray's Quill Beaver Lure

The name says it all. Excellent lure at castor mounds, etc. Also a change up for fox. Good all season. Available in one and four ounce sizes.

Our Price: $7.50
Murray's Mink Dust Murray's Mink Dust Lure

Murray's Mink Dust Lure
Are you looking to call more mink to your trap? Then you need our Mink Dust Lure. We make our recipe from glands and food to produce a pleasing odor that every passing mink has to investigate. Our mink lure is also excellent for trapping fox, raccoon, and coyote. It works for many different sets and throughout the season. Great for new and experienced mink trappers. Get your Mink Dust in one and four-ounce sizes.

Our Price: $7.50
Murray's Muskrat #1 Murray's Muskrat #1 Lure

Murray's Muskrat #1 Lure
A food and musk-type lure that works well in numerous sets for muskrat, our recipe is a must-have for any trapper. This musk-type food lure is reliable and used by many different trappers, including professional Animal Damage Control trappers. The musky odor is sure to lure any muskrat in the area right into your trap with just 8-10 carefully placed drops. Murray's Muskrat #1 lure is available in one and four-ounce bottles for your convenience.

Our Price: $7.50
Murray's Red & Gray Fox #300 Murray's Red & Gray Fox #300 Lure

Murray's Red & Gray Fox #300 Lure
When it comes to the best fox trapping food lures, we must say ours comes out on top. This combination food lure is effective for both red and gray fox and can be used with or without bait. Whether you're out in the rain, sunshine, cold, or warm weather, you can expect to bring a fox into your trap with this lure nearly every time. Our Red & Gray Fox lure can be used early or late in the season and anytime in between. Available in one and four-ounce bottles.

Our Price: $7.50
Murray's Country Mouse Bait Murray's Country Mouse Bait

Fresh ground mice that are preserved. Great for early season alone or with urine and call lure. Put a spoonful down a hole or in a hay set with a squirt of fox or bobcat urine on the backing. Can also be used with Murray’s 200 long distance fox lure.

Our Price: $8.00