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Brass Pan Bolt and Nut Universal Body Trap Safety Hook Sleepy Creek Replacement Trap Dogs
These replacement bolt and nut sets are made of brass. Perfect to use when replacing your trap pan. Available in 3 sizes. Universal body trap safety hooks fit most sizes of body grip traps. Available in 2 sizes. Size #1 fits #120, #160 and #220 traps; while size #2 fits #280 and #330 traps. Manufactured by Sleepy Creek, these dogs are available in 3 different sizes.
Universal Body Trap Dogs Universal Body Trap Rivets RK's Super Bear Safety Hook
Our universal body trap dogs fit most body trip traps. Available in 3 sizes. These rivets fit nearly all body trip traps. Sold indvidually and available in 5 sizes. RK's Super Bear Safety Hooks are super tough and heavy duty.
Replacement Coil Springs Sleepy Creek Rectangle Trap Pan Coyote & Beaver Resistant Trap Dog
These coil spring trap replacement springs will fit on Oneida Victor, Blake & Lamb, Duke, Bridger, Northwoods and other brands of traps.Only the Bridger #5 spring has the L shape long side of the spring. Sizes #1 to #3 are straight on the long and short side of the spring. Sold by the pair, available in 6 sizes. These rectangular trap pans are manufactured by Sleepy Creek. Two sizes available. Fits most #2 & #3 coil spring traps. Helps eliminate trap dogs from being bent or torn off.
Bridger Replacement Trap Dog Bolt On Conni Triggers Bridger 4-Coil Spring Kits
Bolt On Conni Triggers
Our Price: $1.00
These replacement trap dogs are manufactured by Bridger. These Bolt-On Body Grip Replacement Triggers are easy to install and work on all makes of body grip traps. Available in 3 sizes. These Bridger 4-Coil Springs are made by Bridger specifically for 4-coiling their #1-1/2, #1.65, #2, #3 coil spring traps.  The springs are sold by the pair.  Bridger coil spring traps come with long spring pins so all that is required to 4-coil them are these springs.
Sleepy Creek Replacement Pan With Shank Sullivan's Circle Trigger Music Wire Replacement Springs
These replacement pans are made by Sleepy Creek Manufacturing with 4 available sizes. Helps reduce "trigger avoidance" commonly encountered with standard V-wire triggers. The round opening provides an inviting passageway for the target animal. Converts your #110's into real mink taking machines. Reduces hip catches. Works well on muskrats too. The #220 model helps center coons and other large animals in your #220's for a quick dispatch. Made of heavier gauge wire to resist bending. Trigger comes complete with two-piece bracket and bolts for quick and easy installation on your traps. Equip your traps with Sullivan Circle Triggers for better performance. Also makes an ideal replacement trigger. Note: #220 triggers can be cut down to make #160 triggers. These Music Wire Replacement Springs fit most coil spring traps. They are stronger than most manufacturers' springs and keep their strength longer. Sold by the pair, available in 3 sizes.
Sleepy Creek Replacement Trap Springs Newhouse Crimp-on Trap Pan Sleepy Creek Replacement Trap Jaws
Made by Sleepy Creek Manufacturing, the replacements for coil springs are sold by the pair. This item is discontinued. Fits #1 Longspring traps. Our replacement trap jaws are made by Sleepy Creek Manufacturing and are available in several different sizes.
Bridger Replacement Trap Pans Oneida Victor Replacement Pan Sleepy Creek Replacement Double Jaws
Our Bridger replacement trap pans are available in 3 different sizes. Fits Oneida Victor #1.75 and #2 traps, plus Duke #1-3/4 and #2 traps. Fits #11 Longspring & #1 Coilspring
Sleepy Creek Big Pawz Replacement Pan Sleepy Creek Replacement Offset Jaws Sleepy Creek Replacement Trap Springs
Made by Sleepy Creek, these larger replacement pans are specifically designed for larger traps. The coil spring pan fits #3 and #4 traps; while the long spring pan fits #3, #4 and #4-1/2 traps. Made by Sleepy Creek Manufacturing, these are designed for offset coil spring traps. Made by Sleepy Creek Manufacturing, the replacements for long springs are sold each.
Universal Body Trap Springs Two-Way Trigger for DP Traps Victor Soft Catch Replacement Pads
These replacement springs fit most body grip traps. Sold each, and available in 4 sizes. Fits Coon Dagger, Lil Grizz and Duke DP Trap. Makes bait theft nearly impossible. No longer available.
These Soft Catch Coil Spring Replacement Pads are manufactured by Oneida Victor.  The 4 Pad packs come with 2 screws and will repair 2 traps. The 50 Pad packs come with 25 screws for repairing 25 traps. Available in 2 sizes.
Bridger Replacement Springs
Fits #5 Longspring

Trap Replacement Parts: Bolts, Rivets, Safety Hooks & More

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Reliable Trap Replacement Parts

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