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Wildlife Research Center Lures For Trapping

Whether you’re looking to lure bears, bucks, does or racoons, Wildlife Research Center has several great products, available from Murray’s Lures & Trapping Supplies. Founded by two brothers, Wildlife Research Center has created terrific products designed to lure all sorts of big game. What’s more, they made a tremendous breakthrough with scent eliminator spray, which helps take away human odor, further improve the odds you find the trapping success you yearn for. If you need help selecting the right lures for your needs, contact us today.

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Wildlife Research Scent Killer Super Charged Wildlife Research Ultimate Bear Lure Wildlife Research Paws & Claws Predator Calling Scent

Wildlife Research Scent Killer Super Charged

Bucks can smell many hunters coming from a mile away. They can pick up on even the faintest scents and use them to stay out of the line of fire. Scent Killer® Super Charged from Wildlife Research Center will prevent your scent from giving up your location to bucks. It comes in a 12-ounce spray bottle and will eliminate your scent while also putting the scent of autumn woods out into the air. Murray’s Lures & Trapping Supplies strongly recommends this product to anyone who plans on hunting for bucks or other animals with strong senses of smell.

Wildlife Research Ultimate Bear Lure

Bears are often attracted to scents that smell very sweet. They can pick up on these scents
from great distances before making their way in their general direction. Give
the bears in your area something sweet to smell with the Ultimate Bear Lure for
trapping from Wildlife Research Center. It’ll let off an intensely sweet smell
that bears won’t be able to ignore. Pick up a 4-ounce bottle from Murray’s
Lures & Trapping Supplies to see how well it works in both the spring and
fall seasons.

Makes the predators become the prey by enhancing your calling set-up with its powerful long range scent. 8 ounce bottle.
Wildlife Research Coyote Juice Calling Scent Wildlife Research Scent Killer Super Charged - 24oz Hard Core Raccoon Lure
Makes your calling set-up more realistic, as it appeals to the coyote's territorial, curiosity, and hunting instincts. 8 ounce bottle. The superior human scent elimination formula of Odorless or Unscented Scent Killer® is 99% effective 10 days after drying.
Hunt Dry Technology® Apply it, Dry it, & Go Hunt!
Soak 10 – 20 drops of Hard-Core into a cotton ball or another type of scent dispenser.
Place it so the raccoon must pass over the trap to reach the lure. 4 ounce bottle.