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Animal Trapping Lures & Trap Bait

It’s no secret that animals are attracted to different types of scents and lures. Often, placing a trap in hope of making a catch just isn’t enough. You need something that will lure the animal toward the trap and entice them to activate it. At Murray’s Lures & Trapping Supplies, we have a wide selection of animal trapping bait to get the job done. These animal scents for traps are premade with ingredients that a specifically tailored to attract your desired animal. From coyote and bobcat to raccoon and foxes, we’re sure to have animal trap bait to meet your needs.

Make your traps as effective as possible with our trapping lures and bait. For questions concerning which type of lure to use for a particular animal, contact us at 304-275-8727 and we will gladly assist you in finding just what you need.

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Blackie's TKO Lure Blackie's Lightfoot Lure Blackie's Magnum Call Lure

Is “taking kanines out” a top priority for you right now? Then you will love what the Blackie’s TKO Lure from Murray’s Lures & Trapping Supplies can do for you. It’s a food gland call that has proven to be very effective when used to lure predators. It can be applied around all set types and is a top seller these days thanks to its reliability. Whether you buy a 1 or 4 ounce bottle of it, you will definitely be coming back for more in the future to help attract predators to your traps.

Loaded with cat glands and topped with a unique call ingredient. Available in 1 and 4 ounce bottles.
Rugged and powerful loud weatherproof call lure, loaded with skunk. Available in 1 and 4 ounce bottles.
Blackie's Red Ranger Lure Blackie's Brush Master Lure Blackie's Spotted Fury Lure
Red fox gland lure. Great for coyote & coon too. Long lasting. Available in 1 and 4 ounces bottles.

If you have a canine problem and you’re looking to use a dirt hole set to get rid of it, you should consider using the Blackie’s Brush Master Lure from Murray’s Lures & Trapping Supplies to achieve success. When applied early in the season, this top-selling gland lure has shown that it has what it takes to draw canines in so that you can trap them. You can purchase a 1 or 4 ounce bottle of this lure to tackle the canine issue in your area.

An abundant amount of aged cat glands. Also a great change-up lure. Available in 1 and 4 ounce bottles.
Blackie's Night Bandit Lure Blackie's Boar's Delight Lure Blackie's Money Maker Lure
A hard-hitting food call lure for coons. Available in 1 and 4 ounce bottles.

The Blackie’s Boar’s Delight Lure from Murray’s Lures & Trapping Supplies is your best bet if you are trying to attract boars in the mid to late season. It works better than other sweet or food-type lures during that time period and will attract the attention of more adult males than you will be able to imagine. To track down prime winter boars, you will need a reliable coon gland lure like this one on your side. It’s available now in 1 and 4 ounce bottles.

The top lure for water trapping. Great for mink, coon, rats & beaver. Available in 1 and 4 ounce bottles.
Blackie's Tail Slapper Lure Night Owl High Honors Night Owl Creekside Call
Includes a wealth of northern beaver castor with waterproof base. Available in 1 and 4 ounce bottles.

Thanks to its base, which is made using ground mice, the Night Owl High Honors lure from Murray’s Lures & Trapping Supplies can attract just about any predator you want. It features a careful blend of ingredients that will enhance all of the food odors that come off of this lure, and it will prove to be especially effective when it’s placed at a dirt hole set or near a hay bale set where the smell of mice will be most natural. It’s currently available in a 1 ounce bottle.

An honest to goodness all call lure.  Excellent on muskrat and mink, but you can use it early on the canines too, especially gray fox.  One bottle of lure you can use for any application. 1 ounce bottle
Night Owl Plum Loco Lure Night Owl Red Fox Gland Lure Night Owl Brush Fire Lure
A very unusual and complex four-part base goes into making this product.  A sweet and sour smell that drives coon crazy.  Certain to be different from what your competition is using.  An original paste formula you won't find copied. 1 ounce bottle This Red Fox Gland Lure is thick, creamy and loaded with aged glands that are hand processed.  You won't find a bottle of this gland lure 3/4 filled with fox urine and runny.  This is real gland material and as foxy smelling as it gets. 1 ounce bottle. Originally formulated for fisher and martin trapping in the cold north, this lure quickly became a favorite of canine trappers too.  Not "skunk and junk" but rather a rich past form with a dominant mink musk odor.  Irresistible to coyotes. 1 ounce bottle.
Night Owl Ontario Lure Sullivan's Sugar Berries Bait Murray's Pred-A-Getter #1 Lure
Night Owl Ontario Lure
Our Price: $5.50
Crammed full of castors from beaver taken from the tributaries of Lake Ontario and upper New York state.  Only premium eastern castors are considered when compounding this lure. 1 ounce bottle.

Made specifically for dog-proof traps, Sullivan’s Sugar Berries Bait from Murray’s Lures & Trapping Supplies is a candy-coated coon bait in pelletized form that has a very powerful odor that will attract coons during all seasons. It’s not sticky like other similar baits, and it won’t create a big mess when you use it. But it will draw attention from coons and drum up interest in your traps when you apply it properly. All you need to do is pour it and wait patiently for coons to arrive.

The Murray’s Pred-A-Getter #1 Lure from Murray’s Lures & Trapping Supplies is one of our top sellers because of all of the superior ingredients that go into it. It’s loaded with a precise combination of glands that put it over the top. It will attract canines and bobcats to your traps and have them going wild over it. As long as you apply it properly and follow instructions, you shouldn’t have any trouble luring animals to your set. You can pick up either a 1 or 4 ounce bottle.

Murray's Pred-A-Getter #2 Carman's Silent Partner Lure Carman's Pro's Choice Lure
Several ingredients go into this lure that fox cannot resist. A food paste lure that stays where you put it. Long lasting. Does not wash away like some lures. Has taken its share of coyote & coon too. Available in one and four ounce sizes.

You typically need to work hard to catch the attention of a fox. The Carman’s Silent Partner Lure from Murray’s Lures & Trapping Supplies will make things slightly easier for those trying to attract red and grey foxes. It’s a lure that’s heavy and oily, so it lets off an odor that will linger around longer than most other options. This will give it plenty of time to pique the interest of foxes in the area. You can pick up a 1 ounce bottle of this lure now to give it a try.

Coyote, fox, bobcat. Possibly the greatest lure ever offered to the American trapper. 1 ounce bottle.
Carman's Magna Glan Lure Carman's Mega Musk Lure Carman's Trails End Lure
Carman's Mega Musk Lure
Our Price: $6.00
A unique odor that really calls fox, coyote, bobcat, and raccoon. This one is in a class all its own. Deadly multi-purpose lure attractive to all canines, bobcat, and coon. 1 ounce bottle.

Do you want to get animals all riled up when they catch a whiff of the lure you’re using for your sets? The Carman’s Mega Musk Lure from Murray’s Lures & Trapping Supplies should do it. It’s great for catching red foxes, grey foxes, and coyotes, and foxes and coyotes are known to respond in an aggressive manner to the odor it lets off. It’s also long lasting, which makes it a deadly combination for those trappers in search of canines. You can obtain a 1 ounce bottle of the lure today.

Great for coyote, fox and bobcat. A thick, heavy lure with a powerful and long lasting odor that lasts days, even weeks. 1 ounce bottle.
Carman's Canine Call Lure Carman's Red Fox Gland Lure Carman's Coyote Gland Lure
Coyote, fox, bobcat, fisher, marten. Good for any type of set. Very valuable in colder weather. 1 ounce bottle.
A strict departure from the usual lures on the market today. A great matrix lure. 1 ounce bottle.

If you are searching for a reliable coyote gland lure that you can use with any type set, then look no further than the Carman’s Coyote Gland Lure from Murray’s Lures & Trapping Supplies. When you use a heavy smear at each one of your sets, it will immediately start attracting coyotes to your various locations. Many trappers swear by this lure and claim it has made trapping coyotes easier than ever. You can purchase a 1 ounce bottle to see for yourself.

Carman's MCL 100 Muskrat Call Lure Carman's Midnight Coon Lure Caven's Violator 7 Lure
Caven's Violator 7 Lure
Our Price: $6.00
Like no other muskrat lure you’ve ever tried. 1 ounce bottle.
Good anytime. Sure to become Carman’s biggest selling coon lure. 1 ounce bottle.

Are you looking for a reliable lure that is capable of helping you attract coyotes, foxes, bobcats, fishers, martens, and raccoons? The Caven’s Violator 7 Lure from Murray’s Lures & Trapping Supplies is a lure that is thick, strong, and musky. It’s available in 1 and 4 ounce bottles, and it can be used with both dirt holes and flat sets depending upon your personal preference. You won’t have any issues attracting different types of animals when you utilize this lure effectively.