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Wildlife Research Scent Killer Super Charged Wildlife Research Ultimate Bear Lure Wildlife Research Paws & Claws Predator Calling Scent
The superior human scent elimination formula of Scent Killer® has been chemically
blended with the scent of autumn woods and fields to give you the most powerful
weapon ever against a buck’s most powerful defense - his nose! 12 ounce spray bottle
Powerful, extremely intense, burning sweet smelling lure that bear can't resist. Pure and uncut with great calling ingredients. No thickening agents or fillers. 4 ounce bottle. Makes the predators become the prey by enhancing your calling set-up with its powerful long range scent. 8 ounce bottle.
Wildlife Research Coyote Juice Calling Scent Hard Core Raccoon Lure
Makes your calling set-up more realistic, as it appeals to the coyote's territorial, curiosity, and hunting instincts. 8 ounce bottle. Soak 10 – 20 drops of Hard-Core into a cotton ball or another type of scent dispenser.
Place it so the raccoon must pass over the trap to reach the lure. 4 ounce bottle.