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June's Silent Stalker Lure June's Canine Candy Lure June's Windwalker Lure
June's Windwalker Lure
Our Price: $6.00
Gland-based bobcat lure with ingredients that are proven cat attractants. 1 ounce bottle.
A deadly sweet canine lure that performs all season long. 1 ounce bottle
Thick predator food lure with seven proven ingredients, including a touch of skunk quill. Great long distance call lure. 1 ounce bottle.
June's Fox Frenzy Lure June's Predator Frenzy Lure June's Primetime Coon Lure
June's Fox Frenzy Lure
Our Price: $6.00
A blend of fox glands and musk that is truly a top seller. 1 ounce bottle.
A phenomenal lure made from red fox, coyote, and bobcat glands. 1 ounce bottle. A food based coon lure with permeating musks plus shellfish essence as a kicker. 1 ounce bottle.
Mark June's Widowmaker Paste Bait Mark June’s Widowmaker Persimmon Paste Bait Rusty Johnson's Lucky Predator Paste Bait
Bobcat meat based with mink glands, castor, lanoline & more. Super effective down a hole. 16 ounce jar
Great all year round for all predators. Use one tablespoon per set. 16 ounce jar
When using this bait, bobcats and canines are LUCKY to get away after they get a whiff of this fresh-ground beaver meat paste bait. Ingredients are top-shelf producers on the bobcat line, but also makes canines dig. Fresh beaver meat based formula that is super effective all year long on canines and cats.   While tainted baits can cause rolling responses in the coyotes and fox when the weather turns warmer, this bait causes the desired digging response that is just the ticket.   Use a fork full at your set and see for yourself that this bait is a producer all year long.  Especially deadly on all cats! 16 ounce jar.
Mark June's Coon Chum
Mark June's Coon Chum
Our Price: $18.95
Dog Proof Traps have taken the trapping trade by storm and this bait will help you maximize and catch raccoons first visit to your DPs with a coon chumming blend of Crawfish, Shrimp and Grain. We grind the crawfish and shrimp into a bran (shells and all), add grain PLUS add a tasty far reaching lure to ensure Mr. Ringtail smells what’s going on and comes over to investigate and dig into the goodies. With the increasing prices being paid for raccoons, we know you want the back of the truck piled high with masked bandits so Coon Chum is packaged in an economical Pro Size 64 ounce container. Also very effective in cage traps!