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Trapmaster Coon Trap
Made in U.S.A. A dog proof coon trap that is species specific.
Order #MT398B
$125.00 - Dozen
Order #MT398C
$75.00 - Half Dozen
Order #MT398
$14.95 - Each
660 Super Bear Body Grip Trap
Excellent for trap shy beaver or cover ditches without fencing.
Order #MT601
$45.95 - Each
Standard Rear Release Safeguard Box Traps
All sizes now have a rear sliding door for easy baiting and release.
Size 30"x11"x12"
Order #MT703
$47.60 - Each
Size 24"x7"x8"
Order #MT702
$34.50 - Each
Size 18"x5"x5"
Order #MT701
$30.95 - Each
Super Bear
Safeguard Trap
Size 36"x11"x12"
Order #MT703D
$49.95 - Each
Duke Cage Trap
Heavy duty box trap measures 30x12x12 with single door.
Order #MT360
$42.00 - Each
Duke Cage Trap
Large Size Safeguard Box Traps
Comes with a rear release door for easy access. Actual shipping will apply for the large trap, which averages $45 to $75 in the lower 48 states. Actual shipping may apply for the 36" trap, with costs averaging $15 to $39 in the lower 48.
Size 48"x15"x22"
Order #MT703A
$149.95 - Each
The 48" trap is good for small dogs & bobcat
Call or email for a shipping quote.
Coon Dagger Dog Proof Trap
.  The unique 2-way circle trigger can substantially increase your catch ratio over other standard trigger models.
Order #MT712
$14.95 - Each
Order #MT713
$85.95 - Half Dozen
Order #MT714
$164.95 - Dozen
Bridger T3 Dog Proof Coon Trap
Made in U.S.A. A dog proof coon trap that is species specific.
Order #MT285
$149.95 - Dozen
Order #MT284
$76.95 - Half Dozen
Order #MT283
$12.95 - Each
Lil' Grizz
Lil' Grizz/Sterling Grizz
A species specific raccoon trap. One of the original dog proof coon traps.The Original Lil'l Grizz Trap is now available as the "Sterling Grizz". The Sterling Grizz is the original Lil' Grizz trap with the following standard features:Super Strong Music Wire Spring (The strongest in the DP industry), Mud Ejection Window for the restraint bar, New longer TwistLoc Anchor System for soft ground conditions, Larger drain hole, Sterling ST500 swivels with #2 machine chain, Made in the USA **
Order #MT708
$189.95 - Dozen
Order #MT707
$99.50 - Half Dozen
Order #MT706
$18.95 - Each
Orders will first be filled with original Lil'Grizz until supply is gone.
New Lower Price!
Dog Proof Traps
Safeguard Professional Traps
Made of Galfan wire, front release, heavy duty bait tray, additional operating rod support rings.
Size 30"x11"x12"
Order #MT703E
$58.65 - Each
Size 36"x11"x12"
Order #MT703F
$64.95 - Each
Order #MT721
$87.50 - Half Dozen
NEW! Soup Can Dog Proof Trap
Can be set vertically near the water's edge; horizontally on a sloped bank; or even suspended from a chain in the air.
Order #MT720
$16.50 - Each
Order #MT722
$165.00 - Dozen
Trap Tweezers
Trap Tweezers
Use for setting the Trapmaster Coon Trap & Little Griz traps.  Very useful when setting large numbers of traps or for the young trapper with limited hand strength.
Order #MS600
$19.95 - each
DP Coon Trap Setter
Also fits Duke, Lil' Grizz and Coon Dagger DP traps.
Order #MS624
$5.00 - Each
Two Way Trigger for DP Traps
Fits Coon Dagger, Lil Grizz and Duke DP Trap. Makes bait theft nearly impossible.
Order #MT898
$2.95 - Each
Order #MT898A
$29.95 - Dozen
Roll Cage
A great way to help train pups.
Order #MT703C
$66.99 - Each
Cat Collector Trap
NOTICE: This special price on Duke DP Coon Traps is available only to our online customers. If placing order by phone, please use our online shopping cart and select Phone Order, then call us with your payment information.
Duke DP Coon Trap
An economical choice of species specific trap. The newest of the dog proof coon traps. Coyote brown in color - ready to ship!
Order #MT377
$139.95 - Dozen
Order #MT376
$74.50 - Half Dozen
Order #MT375
$12.95 - Each
Duke DP Trap
Cat Collector Cage Trap
This trap measures 37" long, 18" tall and 9.5" wide. Customers in zip codes beginning with 7, 8 and 9 will be charged $15 added shipping. Shipping outside the lower 48 states will be charged actual freight cost. If you have questions about shipping for this item, contact us before you order.
Order #MT729
$159.00 - Each
Freedom Brand FB1 Dog Proof Raccoon Trap
Loaded with great features including full back plate and quick set design, easy to use staking system, two heavy duty swivels, and more. Brown powder coat finish. Made in the USA.
Order #MT731
$13.95 - Each
Order #MT732
$74.95 - Half Dozen
Order #MT733
$139.95 - Dozen
Crossfire Z Trap
When it comes to innovation and design breakthroughs in the trapping industry, Ztraps has established itself as the new industry leader with a "patented" Push/Pull trigger, CrossFire trip feature and center-aligning fire pin, making Ztrap the most effective DP raccoon trap ever!  Comes in brown and white.
Mix 'Em Up!
Crossfire Z Traps
3 Brown & 3 White
Order #MT716B
Order #MT715
$12.95 - Each
Order #MT716
$74.95 - Half Dozen
Order #MT717
$139.95 - Dozen