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Buckwheat Hulls 
Great material for cold weather trapping. The hulls will not absorb water, so no need to worry about traps freezing. 
Order #MS522
$7.50 - 5 Pounds
Buckwheat Hulls
   By Kyle Kaatz,this DVD focuses on the basics of trapline success and covers muskrat, raccoon, mink, coyote and beaver trapping.
The unique 2-way circle trigger can substantially increase your catch ratio over other standard trigger models.
Coon Dagger Dog Proof Trap
Order #MT712
$14.95 - Each
Order #MT713
$85.95 - Half Dozen
Order #MT714
$164.95 - Dozen
Trapline Anecdotes: Back to the Basics
Order #MB243
$29.95 - Each 
Andy Stoe Cover Hulls
All natural trap bedding material. 20 pound bag.
Order #MS523A
$29.95 - bag
Fiberglass Pan Covers
Made especially for the coilspring trap, but fits the longspring very well too. The 1.75 also fits the #2 round jaw trap. These are packaged in a sealed bag, free of offensive odors. Ready to use. Come 25 covers to a package. Select from sizes #1-1/2, #1.75, #2, #3.
Order #MS524
$2.95 - Fits #1-1/2
Pan Cover
Shown is the #1-1/2 pan cover
Order #MS525
$2.95 - Fits #1.75
Order #MS526
$2.95 - Fits #2
Order #MS527
$2.95 - Fits #3
Order #MS528
$6.00 - Each
Mityling Trap Bedder
Allows you to pack dirt inside the jaws of trap while bedding.  The bedders support the pan, not allowing the trap to fire.
Size 1 fits #1-1/2 & #1-3/4 coilsprings thru #3 longspring; Size 2 fits #2 & #3 coilsprings & #4 longspring; Size #3 fits BMI coilsprings.
Mityling Bedders
The Trapper Cap
Helps bed your trap securely.
Model A - Fits 1-1/2 coilsprings
Order #MS532
$6.95 - Each
Model B Fits 1.75 & #2 coilsprings
Order #MS533
$7.95 - Each
Model C - Fits #3 & #4 longspring & #3 coilspring
Order #MS534
$7.50 - Each
Trapper Cap
Cast Aluminum Trapper Cap
Fits Bridger #1.65
Order #MS579
$11.95 - Each
Fits Bridger #2
Order MS579A
$11.95 - Each
Fits Bridger #3
Order #MS579B
$11.95 Each
Fits Duke & Victor #1-1/2
Order #MS579C
$11.95 Each
Fits Duke & Victor #1-3/4
Order #MS579D
$11.95 Each
Trappers Cap
Metal Dirt Sifter
Works exceptionally well for keeping large stones, sticks, etc., from getting over trap. Can be dyed along with your traps. 10-1/2" x 7" x 2-3/4". 
Order #MS531
$9.95 - Each
Dirt Sifter
Texas Tea Cup
Heavy duty dirt sifter made by J. C. Conner, available in Aluminum or Stainless with easy grip handle.  Sifter is 6 1/2" in diameter and 6" deep at the handle with heavy duty expanded metal bottom, welded inside and out , which makes one strong sifter.
Order #MS584
$32.00 Each
Texas Tea Cup
Dirt Buster
All aluminum heavy wall dirt sifter with handle for easy gripping.  7" x 10" opening with tapered sides  and a slide in the floor for the convience of carrying dirt.  Made by J. C. Conner
Order #MS585
$32.00- Each
Dirt Buster
Trapline Antifreeze
A flake-type antifreeze that mixes well with dirt to help prevent freeze-up of sets.
Order #MS576
$2.50 - 1 pound
Schrade Old Timer Muskrat Knife
Two folding blades, made in the USA.
Order #SP02
$45.95 Each
NEW! Aluminum Trappers Cap for MB Traps
Fits MB-550
Order #MS579E 
$22.95 Each
Fits MB-650
Order #MS579F 
$22.95 Each
MB 550 RC Coilspring Trap
Two coiled, 5-1/2" outside jaw spread, 4-3/4" inside jaw spread.
Order #MT614
$20.40 - each
Order #MT615
$112.00 - half dozen
Order #MT616
$204.00 - dozen