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Lure - Mark June
Lure - Blackie's Blend
Lure - Caven's
Lure - Wildlife Research, Coon/Bear Potion
Lure - Dobbins
Lure - Predator Control Group
Lure - Houben's M44 Lure
Lure - Night Owl Lures
Lure - Renno's Animal Lures
Bait - Hawbaker
Bait - Blackie's Blend
Bait - June, RK's, Renno's DP Bait
Bait - Carman, Caven, Sullivan
Bait - Murray's, Predator Control Group
Pure Urine, Prepared Urine, Urine Antifreeze
Oils, Additives & Accessories
Essence Oils
Pressed Oils, Additives, Containers & Droppers
Trap Customizing
Trap Customizing - Swivels, Fasteners, Drowners, Shock Springs
Trap Customizing - Chain, Baseplates, Taos Spring Kits, Tools, Pliers
Trap Preparation
Trap Prepataions - Dye, Dip & Wax, Trap Tags
Replacement Parts   
Replacement Parts - Miscellaneous & Universal
Replacement Parts - Oneida-Victor & Bridger
Replacement Parts - Sleepy Creek
Trapline Supplies   
Trapline Supplies - Basket, Gloves, Digging Tools
Trapline Supplies - Bedding Equipment, Sifters
Trapline Supplies - Trap Setters, Stabilizers
Trapline Supplies - Stakes, Drags & Drowners
Trapline Supplies - Wire, Flagging, Pan Tester, Catch Pole
Traps & Snares
Bridger Coilsprings & 4-coil Service
Bridger Longsprings & Body Traps
Duke Coilsprings
Duke Longsprings & Body Traps
MB Traps
Oneida-Victor Coilsprings
Oneida-Victor Conibear & Northwoods Body Grip
Sleepy Creek Coilsprings
Sleepy Creek Longsprings
Sleepy Creek Body Traps
Other Traps - Superbear, Box/Cage, Dog Proof Traps
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Schrade Old Timer Muskrat Knife
Two folding blades, made in the USA.
Order #SP02
$45.95 Each
Featuring the highest quality traps, lures, and the freshest bait found anywhere, Murray’s Lures & Trapping Supplies is West Virginia’s premiere supply destination for hunting and sportsman across the country. Our family owned and operated business has been providing customers with professional level traps backed by expert knowledge from our family of seasoned trappers, sportsmen and women since 1993.

With a strong family background, we have conducted research on the products we offer through field-testing and direct experience, ensuring that we offer only bait, traps, and lures that have proven to be effective. Our expert staff will work with you to identify intrusive predators and organize a trapping plan with proven bait and lures. We also feature an extensive line of accessories great for a variety of outdoor activities, including guns, durable boots and clothing, or anything else you may need as you journey into the wilderness.

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