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One-Handed Serrated Pelt Scraper
Simple design, good for muskrat, mink, fox.

Order #MS308
$6.95 Each
Two-Handle Fleshing Tool
An economical choice for all types of fur.
#600 Necker Fleshing Knife
The choice of professional fleshers. Makes quick work of any fleshing job.

Order #MS309
$68.95 Each
Wood Fleshing Beam
60-Inches in Length
Fiberglass Fleshing Beam
This beam is made of easy-to-clean fiberglass and can withstand years of use. The one-piece design slides easily into place over a tapered 2x6" board.

Order #MS340
$34.95 Each
Heavy Duty Fur Comb
Good for removing burrs, blood, etc., from fur.   

Order #MS323
$14.95 Each
Aluminum Push Pins
For fastening Fox, Otter, Coon, etc., pelts to wooden stretchers. Can be used over and over.   

Order #MS322
$5.75 Box of 100
Trappers Hide Tanning Formula
A pre-mixed formula that's ready to use. It tans all fur skins (raccoon, fox, coyote, muskrat, mink, otter, squrirel, rabbit, bear, etc.)Tans deer either hair-on for a rug or mount, or hair-off for buckskin leather. Also tans elk, moose, caribou, cowhide and snakeskin. Very easy to use.Produces a soft, supple Indian-style tan in 5-7 days.One 8-oz. bottle will tan two medium size fur skins or one deer hide. Elk, moose, caribou and bear require 3 to 6 bottles. Complete instructions are included. 
8-Inch Beam
Order #MS312
$39.95 Each
6-Inch Beam
Order #MS313
$34.95 Each
12-Inch Double Sided
Order #MS311A
$22.95 Each
12-Inch Tool
Order #MS311
$17.50 Each
8-Inch Tool
Order #MS310
$12.95 Each
Order #MS403
$48.00 Half dozen
Order #MS402
$25.50 Three bottles
Order #MS401
$9.00 Each
Fleshing Beam
Fiberglass Beam
Fleshing Knife
Fleshing Tool
Necker Knife
Push Pins
   By Kyle Kaatz,this DVD focuses on the basics of trapline success and covers muskrat, raccoon, mink, coyote and beaver trapping.
The unique 2-way circle trigger can substantially increase your catch ratio over other standard trigger models.
Coon Dagger Dog Proof Trap
Order #MT712
$14.95 - Each
Order #MT713
$85.95 - Half Dozen
Order #MT714
$164.95 - Dozen
Trapline Anecdotes: Back to the Basics
Order #MB243
$29.95 - Each 
Schrade Old Timer Muskrat Knife
Two folding blades, made in the USA.
Order #SP02
$45.95 Each