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Night Owl High Honors Night Owl Creekside Call Night Owl Plum Loco Lure
A base of ground mice makes this lure a universal attractor for any predator.  Carefully blended ingredients added to the base enhances the food odors in this lure.  Deadly at dirthole, mousehole or hay bale sets where mouse smell is natural. 1 ounce An honest to goodness all call lure.  Excellent on muskrat and mink, but you can use it early on the canines too, especially gray fox.  One bottle of lure you can use for any application. 1 ounce bottle A very unusual and complex four-part base goes into making this product.  A sweet and sour smell that drives coon crazy.  Certain to be different from what your competition is using.  An original paste formula you won't find copied. 1 ounce bottle
Night Owl Red Fox Gland Lure Night Owl Brush Fire Lure Night Owl Ontario Lure
Night Owl Ontario Lure
Our Price: $5.50
This Red Fox Gland Lure is thick, creamy and loaded with aged glands that are hand processed.  You won't find a bottle of this gland lure 3/4 filled with fox urine and runny.  This is real gland material and as foxy smelling as it gets. 1 ounce bottle. Originally formulated for fisher and martin trapping in the cold north, this lure quickly became a favorite of canine trappers too.  Not "skunk and junk" but rather a rich past form with a dominant mink musk odor.  Irresistible to coyotes. 1 ounce bottle. Crammed full of castors from beaver taken from the tributaries of Lake Ontario and upper New York state.  Only premium eastern castors are considered when compounding this lure. 1 ounce bottle.