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Thank you Murray's for the fast shipping. I have ordered many times and my order is always on time. Most times I get it the next day. THANK YOU!
You guys do a great job.   
James Milam     
PS. Hope critters hit my trap line that fast.
I would just like to say that hats off for the crew at Murray's I have had the pleasure of placing two orders in the last week and both of them were processed and shipped in record time. Keep up the good work.

Robert Hall
Brunswick, Ohio
Online Catalog
I would like to thank you for all the email updates and I wish more stores would do the same. I ordered a dozen Duke #4's a dozen disposable stakes and some beaver lure. The items came in two flat rate boxes, I am very happy that you did this In order to keep shipping costs down. The boxes had a couple holes in them but since I live in Alaska I expected this from the long travels. Thanks again, I will surely use your company again and again!  - Jimmy