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Johnny Stewart Digital Memory Cards
Preymaster digital memory cards are for use with the Preymaster Digital Caller. Each card includes four sounds. Just slide the card into the Preymaster and a variety of sounds are at your fingertips! You can even play two sounds at once. Make selection from the Add to Order button.
Grey Fox #1 - Grey Fox Pup, Grey Fox Fight, Grey/Red Fox, Grey Fox/Raccoon.
Coyote #1 - Desperate Cottontail, Pleading Chicken, Fawn Bleating, Coywolf Bark/Howls.
Coyote #2 - High Pitched Cottontail, Canine Pups, Yellowhammer Woodpecker, Coyote Pup Distress.
Coyote #4 - Baby Cottontail Distress, Distressed Rodents, Kid Goat Distress, Coyote/Gray Fox Fight.
Coyote #5 - Coyote Locator, Coyote Pup Distress, Coyote/Raccoon Fight, Coywolf Bark/Howls.
Bobcat #1 - Rodent Distress, Squealing Bird, Meadowlark Distress, Bobcat In Heat.
Crow #1 - Crow Distress, Crow and Owl Fight, Crow Reveille, Single Excited Crow.
Crow #2 - Crow Distress, Fighting Crows, Hawk With Crow Distress, Crow and Hawk Fight.
Johnny Stewart Game Calling Cassette Tapes
This cassette tape is a Johnny Stewart product with 30-minutes of sound on each side.
CT-102A Grown Cottontail
- Rough, gravely distress sound    
Order #MG211
$19.49 Each
Order #MG201
$9.95 Each
Memory Cards
Calling Tapes
The unique 2-way circle trigger can substantially increase your catch ratio over other standard trigger models.
Coon Dagger Dog Proof Trap
Order #MT712
$14.95 - Each
Order #MT713
$85.95 - Half Dozen
Order #MT714
$164.95 - Dozen